10 Facts about Christopher Columbus for Kids

Here are some of the most interesting facts about his journey, his life and family:

Who was christopher columbus? He was the famous explorer

Christopher Columbus for Kids

1)When was christopher columbus born? Where was christopher columbus from?

Columbus was born in 1451 at Genoa, Italy. His real name was Christoforo Colombo.

2) At an early age, he learnt the art of weaving to help his father.

3) Christopher Columbus was only 14 years old when he sailed for the first time.

4) Columbus undertook 4 voyages to the New World. During his first voyage, Christopher took three ships with him- Nina, Pinta and Santa Maria. Santa Maria was the largest of the vessels and could accommodate around 40 men on board. Santa Maria however ran aground and it had to be abandoned. Christopher left the crew of this ship at La Navidad.

5) Christopher had first approached King John of Portugal to finance his expeditions but he was turned down. Columbus in 1485 travelled to Spain to convinced Queen Isabella to grant aid. He was finally granted financial aid in 1492.

6) Christopher Columbus is popular even today for discovering America. He had however never stepped on American soil.

7) Fact about his family and marriage: Columbus married Dona Felipa Perestrello in 1479 and they had a son, Diego, born in 1480. Columbus fathered another son, Ferdinand outside his marriage. Dona Perestrello died in 1485.

8) Christopher was an extremely religious man.

9) He was also known for being a slave trader. In fact on some of his voyages, he had brought back some natives to work as slaves.

10) It is also believed that some of the crew members were criminals.

11) Christopher Columbus died in 1506 in Spain. However, the place of his remains is unknown.

As an excercise for children, why not research the internet and make your own fact sheet?

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