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Elizabethan Pirate Ships

The pirate ships used during the 17th and the 18th century were quick, well equipped and lively. These ships very often required maintenance in a protected and isolated place away from people's attention. There were number of ships used by the pirates that sailed the oceans and were always for a look out for vulnerable ships.

One of the most frequently used pirate ship was the Sloop ship. This ship was primarily manufactured in Jamaica by experts in this field. Sloop ships were basically small ships which weighed about 100 tons and had the capacity of carrying 75-80 pirates. Square-Rigger was a small ship which weighed only 90 tons and carried 70 pirates.

Another famous pirate ship was the Schooner ship. This ship was made for the first time in the 1700's. This ship like the sloop weighed 100 tons and would generally carry around 75 pirates.

Brigantine ship had good speed, it weighted around 150 tons and was had the capacity of carrying on board around 100 pirates. This ship was better and preferred than most of the small ships. Frigate or the Man-O-War ship was another mighty ship weighting up to 360 tons and could normally carry 190 pirates.

There were also Elizabethan Privateers or those pirates who lawfully worked for the Government and attacked the treasure ships of the enemy countries. These pirates had been given 'Letters of marque' by the English government.

This letter acted as a sign of consent from the government for the pirates to attack any of the enemy ship and to loot it. The letter also protected the pirates from being arrested and charged for maritime crimes.

Some of the Elizabethan pirate ships used by these pirates are as follows-

1) Pelican or the Golden Hind
2) Gabriel
3) Victory
4) Other ships included the Falcon, the Dainty, Anne Ager, Tiger, the Revenge, etc.

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