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Jacobean Era

Jacobean Gothic Architectural Style

The Jacobean Gothic architectural style is a combination of Elizabethan and early Renaissance architecture. A typical Gothic architecture had characteristics like pointed arch, ribbed vaults and flying buttress.

During the Late Gothic period, Tudor arches were introduced in the architectural style.

Features of Gothic style

Jacobean Gothic architecture had unique features like steep roofs, symmetry, spires, and large windows. In fact, the mullions of the windows reached vertically up into the arch. Jacobean Gothic architecture can be mainly seen on castles and cathedrals.

Inigo Jones was responsible for changing the face of Jacobean architecture. He used the Gothic motifs and created a new style of architecture. One of the essential features of Jacobean Gothic was the use of perpendiculars. The Jacobean homes had their traditional entrance hall in a perpendicular angle to the main entrance.

Jacobean Gothic design

Jacobean Audley End house Front View

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