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On studying the Anglo Saxons, we generally study their invasion on Great Britain, their religious beliefs, the literature, etc. However, there is a point of the Anglo Saxons which is less discussed.

Today, let us take up such a point and discuss about Anglo Saxon warrior characteristics. We know two types of warriors. One is the medieval army and the other is the old barbarian styled.

Let us now study 10 such characteristics of those warriors of the Anglo Saxons, who had bridged this particular gap between the two types of the armies.

Characteristics of the Anglo Saxons of Great Britain

Following mentioned are 4 common characteristics of the Anglo Saxons of Great Britain:

The Influence of the Romans

On studying the invasion of Anglo Saxons on England, it can be found that the Anglo Saxons could actually successfully enter England on the second attempt.

On the first attempt, they were indeed defeated and sent back by the Romans. After the Romans left England unguarded, Anglo Saxons could easily breach the border and enter England.

But, when it came to the equipment of war, the Romans were ahead of the Anglo Saxons and it is also found that there was such equipment which was left back by the Romans. Anglo Saxons took advantage of this situation to inherit the Roman equipment and even strengthen their base further. This can also be found in many of the Anglo Saxon warrior images.

The Hearthweru Anglo Saxons Warriors

These are special warriors amongst the Anglo Saxons warriors who were named ‘hearthweru’, which means, heath guard. In the entire military group of the Anglo Saxons, these warriors held the strongest and the best equipment.

Being chosen as the high standard warriors, they were considered as troops of the household that belonged to the Kings and the princes of the Anglo Saxons. The warrior code of Anglo Saxons of the Hearthweru category and the Anglo Saxons clothing for warriors of the same class was different than that of the normal warriors of the Anglo Saxons military troops.

The Huscarls by Profession

The Anglo Saxons warrior clothing for the huscarls consisted of a shield with a specific Anglo Saxons warrior symbol and a steel netted mask making them look entirely different from other Anglo Saxons warriors.

These warriors were called the huscarls (which means the household men) because they were brought to serve one purpose, to be the bodyguards of the Norse kings and the Norse warlords. They were a new institution of warriors altogether brought during the crowning days of the Anglo Saxons of England and were provided with a different and unique Anglo Saxons warrior code.

The heall Life

Even after the emergence of the Anglo Saxons in England, the roots of Germany in them were quite evident, being said that they were originally from the German background and this mostly reflected in the social life. This was also applicable to the Anglo Saxons warriors and one could also notice this factor through the Anglo Saxon warrior costume of the general warriors.

Due to the status of a menial task, the warriors were also loafed towards farming. But, along with time, when the Anglo Saxons got more settled, there was a rise in the practically demanded scenarios of economics.

How to draw an Anglo Saxons warrior?

Anglo Saxon Warrior

More of a question, it is a demanded doubt and curiosity amongst people, specially artists as there is actually very less evidence of the outer appearance of the Anglo Saxons warriors.

However, with more research on the topic, people could gain a rough idea about the appearance of Anglo Saxons warriors and how to draw them for certain activities.

Some common activities of knowing how to draw the Anglo Saxons warriors was for the Anglo Saxons warrior art, Anglo Saxons warrior Beowulf, Anglo Saxon warrior tattoos, etc and these activities are even being carried out in todays present world.

Types of Anglo Saxons warriors

Talking about the famous Anglo Saxon warriors, there are mainly three types of the Anglo Saxons warriors and they were indeed a lot factorized on the economic stability of the kings and the princes.

The reason why the Anglo Saxons warriors are always classified as types or classes is because due to insufficient or unidentified history, no such identity of the Anglo Saxons could yet be revealed to an extent apart from the types or classes of the Anglo Saxons warriors.

The most important type of warriors of the Anglo Saxons were the warriors who were directly linked to the warlords and the kings of the Anglo Saxons. They were the highest paid warriors and equipped with the best equipment.

Not all amongst the Anglo Saxons kings and princes could afford such well-armed army and thus this type of the warriors of the Anglo Saxons were very limited and restricted only to a few kingdoms. Then followed up were the huscarls, about whom we have mentioned above.

Lastly was the most numerous in strength and least effective in quality, the fryd type of the Anglo Saxons warriors.

4 Anglo Saxons female warrior names who were well-known for their important contribution towards the Anglo Saxons and the military troops.

They were Boudicca, Queen Margaret of Anjou, Joan of Arc and Aethelflaed (who was also known as ‘Lady of the Mercians’). Each had their unique and own contribution, characteristic and battling styles, but were focused with one aim, that is, to uplift and safeguard the empire of the Anglo Saxons in England.

Viking Warrior vs Anglo Saxons Warrior

Considering the differences between the Vikings and the Anglo Saxons, there were notably a difference between the warriors of the Vikings and the Anglo Saxons. This is because, Vikings unlike the Anglo Saxons, were not of hot warrior type nature and were sailors, again unlike the Anglo Saxons, who were farmers.

For scrutinization or detailed study on the same topic, one can refer to the book written by Gareth Williams and named “Viking Warrior vs Anglo Saxon warrior: England 865-1066”.

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