Early Skirmish with the Spanish Armada

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How was Spain before sailing of Armada?

How was Prince Phillip? What was his policy?

When did the Spanish armada sail?

When did England know about Armada?

How was the early fight between the Spanish and the English?

How did the battle with Spanish armada progress?

How did the Dutch help in fight with Spanish Armada?

How was the Chase, fire and final countdown?

How was England’s resistance against the armada?

What was the significance of British defeating the Spanish armada?

The Earlier Preparations

When Queen Elizabeth I came to know about the preparations made by Spain to invade England she first, tried to handle the matter diplomatically through political deliberations. She had comparatively less faith in Sir Francis Drake’s ability. She was also very apprehensive on how to handle the mighty Spanish Armada. However, England was also making their own set of preparations to protect themselves from the invasion.

The Invincible Armada

When the news spread in England that the Armada had sailed off the coast, was crossing the English channel and going to reach the Southern shore of England, there was a lot of anxiety, upheavals and tribulations in entire England. People were scared and apprehensive about the attack because there was a lot of hullabaloos about the strength and power of the Spanish Armada which comprised of more than 130 ships, carrying huge ballistic arms and ammunition. This caused a great furore and Elizabeth I was trying all political considerations together with the naval preparations in England. When the information came about the Armada finally sailing off the coast, the signal fires were lit and final preparations began to defend the attack.

The Naval Fleet of England and Spain
The Early Skirmish

England also geared up

By this time, because of a few reasons like the delay in invasion by the Spanish Armada, the stormy and bad weather conditions,  England was all geared up to put up a strong fight. In fact, the initial apprehensiveness and anxiety were replaced by strong determination and confidence to not only protect but to defeat. With this spirit, it became all the easier for England to start the initial skirmish with full vigour and later on to gain victory.

The D-Day

It was on Saturday, July 20th that the two naval fleets actually came into contact with each other. The Spanish Armada sailed past the English Channel and Plymouth harbour to reach the southern coast of England. By this time, it was in full sight and there was a long line of Spanish ships and army men. England was not bogged-down but rather had high-spirits to showcase their might in defending the attack for the cause of freedom and respect. In the start, the Spaniards attacked with full conviction but even the England ships confronted the attack bravely. On Sunday, July 21st, England made their first attack.

Under the strong leadership of Sir Howard and Sir Drake, England made a good show. They were aware as leaders that in a ship-to-ship fight, the winner will be the one who has greater power, better arms and a well-planned strategy. So, they kept close to the Spanish ships and continued bombarding.

Bad Weather Conditions during the Early skirmish
The Stormy Weather


The Turmoil

The two naval fleets continued the early squirmish and the Spanish Armada made sail and also attempted to come even closer. It is said, that the Spanish were very sure of their winning and did not anticipate such a strong defence put up by the English. The comparatively smaller English ships let the Spanish fleet to come closer and they kept firing four shots to one. The English naval fleet was also giving a hard time to the Spanish Armada. By this time, the weather worsened. The tempestuous weather was against the Spaniards and they soon began to lose supplies. The wind came from the west and this helped and supported the English fleet.

The English Ships
The English Naval Fleet


The wind kept rising, by this time England stopped in want of gunpowder for which they sent a message to London. But, Spain could not retreat to replenish their dwindling supplies. This was a huge set-back from the Invincible Armada. This eventually became one of the strongest reasons for its defeat. This early skirmish between England and Spain is seen as one of the biggest preliminary skirmishes in world history.


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