Elizabethan Age

How was Elizabethan Age in England?

The Elizabethan age was a great era within England’s long history. It spanned from 1558 to 1603. The name comes from the fact that England was under the rule of Queen Elizabeth I. Unlike the many eras where there were many battles and struggles for power across Europe, this era was relatively peaceful. Just prior to the Elizabethan age there were many battles between the Catholic Church and the Protestants.

Elizabethan Age in England

During this time in history, they were civil with one another and this made everything go much smoother with more focus on other areas for the nation as a whole. To top it off, the battles between the monarchy and parliament had also ceased. England during this time was a great place to live.

Writers in Elizabethan Age

The English Renaissance was at its greatest height during the Elizabethan age. In fact, the most popular writers in history, including Shakespeare made many of his works during the Elizabethan age. Other poets and artists alike produced many great works that we still appreciate today.

Elizabethan Age in England

Many schools across the world still read and view the artists work and understand it as being a bright time in history for most of the world, but particularly England.

Prosperity in Elizabethan Age

Another bright spot to the Elizabethan age was the prosperity that came to England during this time. Many of the reformations that were made by previous monarchs had produced a lot of trading going on across the Atlantic Ocean. For this, the country of England was very prosperous.

Elizabethan Age in England

It was so prosperous that many refer to the Elizabethan age as the Utopian age. Utopia was a fictional place that was stated to be very wealthy and was a sign of perfection among the people as well.

How was Elizabethan Age in England

Unfortunately, the Elizabethan age also ran into some problems at the end of the era. While the country was prosperous for many years, Spain persisted to start a war with England between 1585 and 1604. The war is referred to today as the Anglo-Spanish War. The war itself had drained England’s economy. England did not rebound until after Queen Elizabeth I had deceased.

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