Famous Female Pirates

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Anne Bonny (1700-1782)

Famous Female Pirates

Irish American Pirate

She liked to hang out with Pirates and met John “Calico” Jack Rackham. They had a love affair and she ran off with him. She became one of the women pirates of history with a little mystery. The British tried to take her castle, but she fought them off and the castle became known as the Hen’s Castle.

They never attacked that castle again. She was one of the best known female pirates who had marked her presence in the pirate world as being fierce and courageous. Anne Bonny’s life was very hard but was less audacious than Mary Read, the other best known female pirate. Anne Bonny was a child born out of an illicit relation between her mother and a lawyer, William Cormac for whom her mother worked as a housemaid in Ireland.


She was a lady with an arranged marriage to a prince staring her in the face. Her father, a Scandinavian king, arranged for her to marry Prince Alf of Denmark. She strenuously objected to this and with some of her friends took to the high seas. They dressed as men and set sail for the Baltic where she met up with a pirate ship without a captain. She became the captain and they became very successful.

This very success was also the downfall of her life as a pirate. Prince Alf was sent to stop this troublemaker. After a fierce battle, where she and her crew were forced to surrender, she changed her mind about the arranged marriage. She was so impressed with him that, marry him she did and eventually became Queen of Denmark. At least this is what legends tell us.

Grace O’Malley

Grace O’Malley was considered the real Pirate Queen. The British tried to take her castle, but she fought them off and the castle became known as the Hen’s Castle. They never attacked that castle again and she gained the loyalty of all of her husband’s men and moved to Clare Island, and started recruiting fighting men from Ireland and Scotland.

She became known as a pirate because she started, while transporting goods in trade, demanding taxes from English ships. She decided that since the British could do that to ships, she could do it in her waters.


Described by some as an Amazon (woman warrior), Rusla was a Norwegian Viking princess who strongly opposed her brother being King. So with her followers she went to sea. She raided Ireland, Britain, Iceland, and Denmark. She also fought in Norway against her brother Omund. She finally beat him and became queen. However, she had angered many of her fellow countrymen and was conquered and killed by them.

There seems to be some confusion over where she reigned, Denmark or Norway. There also seems to be some confusion over who actually brought about her downfall, her brother Thrond, her brother Omund, the people of Tellemark, or the King of the Danes. There is even some confusion over whether she even existed or not but the legend of the 7th century princess is still around.

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