Elizabethan Era 1558 - 1603

The Tudors Era 1485 - 1603

Jacobean Era 1603 - 1625

Famous Pirate Names

These are the names of some of the famous pirates in the world.

Anne Bonney (Anne Cormac)

Edward England

Henry Every (Avery)

Benjamin Hornigold

Calico Jack (Jack Rackham)

James Kelly

Captain William Kidd

Mary Read

Bartholomew Roberts

Black Beard

Captain Jack Sparrow

Charlotte de Berry

Count Maurycy Beniowski

Captain Thomas Tew

William Dampier

Seas Cruelty

Captain John Bowen

Captain John Nutt

Captain Richard Worley

Captain Thomas Anstis

Captain Thomas Paine

Captain Tobias Bridge

Captain James Kelley

Red Legs Greaves

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