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Ferdinand Magellan

Perhaps one of the greatest explorers of all times, Ferdinand Magellan was born in 1480 at Sabrosa. Although he originally hailed from Portugal, he later took up Spanish citizenship and served Spain.

He explored the seas in search for a way to get to Indonesia which was then referred to as the 'Spice Islands' from the western world. Magellan will forever be remembered for his voyage in which he accomplished the art of circumnavigation.

Ferdinand Magellan

It was in August that Magellan started from Seville for his great expedition and halted at river Guadalquivir for a considerable amount of time after which he set out on his mission in September 20th of the historic year of 1519. On his journey he reached Cape Verde via Canary Islands and then set out for Brazil.

Ferdinand Magellan Facts

By the end of November he and his fleet reached the other side of the equator and spotted South America. The fleet revamped itself at Rio de Janeiro and then set out to go to Rio de la Plata. In Argentina Magellan established a base. In October he reached Cape Virgenes and travelled through the now famous Strait of Magellan to Tierra del Fuego.

By March they had got to Guam and then set foot on Homonhon where they faced many hardships! It was here that Ferdinand Magellan was killed in a conflict with the native Lapu- lapus. He breathed his last on the soil of the Philippines on the 27th of April, 1521.

By November that year Ferdinand Magellan's remaining troops had reached Maliku Islands and by now they had a lot of valuables including spices that were considered rare and precious among the Europeans. It was Elcano who finally completed the journey around the world that Magellan had begun.

Ferdinand Magellan Voyage

In 1800 the 'Magellanic Clouds' were named after this great explorer who brought a new essence into expeditions with his brave vision that prompted him to set sail on an adventurous voyage around the world! The mapping of Venus was achieved by the Magellan probe which too was named after Ferdinand Magellan.

There was also a rail car that was named after him. This legendary explorer showed that with determination anything could be achieved. Unfortunately he failed to return home after the successful voyage because he had to give up his life in the course of achieving his great vision in reality.

Yet his achievement and his reputation as one of the world's greatest explorers have lived through the centuries and he will be alive in the memories of many more generations to come.

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