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Jacobean Era 1603 - 1625

Jean Laffite Famous Pirate

It is believed by many people that Jean Laffite was born in France. Jean Laffite practiced pirating with his brother at south New Orleans. Jean was famous for the way in which he would get himself out of any dangerous or troublesome situation.

One such incidence was the time when he was arrested by a governor but Laffite did not go for the trial. Learning about this behavior of Laffite, the governor declared an award on Laffite. In turn, Laffite offered to pay double the award money if anyone would detain the governor.

Jean Lafitte New Orleans

Jean Laffite was such a skilled pirate that in 1814, the British officials offered him monetary favor if he would help the officials in their assault on New Orleans. Jean Laffite and General Andrew Jackson thus reached to an agreement wherein it was decided that in return of Lafffite's help to the British, he and his crew members would not be held guilty for their crimes.

Jean Laffite Famous Pirate

After the remarkable rise in the naval activities, Laffite and his crew turned towards Texas which was under the dominance of the Spanish. Jean Laffite then based his pirate activities at Galveston.

Jean Laffite Famous Pirate

Laffite carried on with his pirating activity with his brother in the areas near Central American ports till 1820. In 1821, Jean Laffite breathed his last. Laffite throughout his life and until his final few years before his death, continued to carry on with his pirate activities.

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