Louis Joliet The Canadian explorer-Voyages, Life and Death,Legacy

The Canadian explorer Louis Joliet was born in Quebec City on September 21st of the year 1645. As he grew up in an environment where he interacted on a regular basis with the natives of Quebec he got the opportunity to know and learn a great deal about these people and this helped him in his later travels.

Louis Joliet, the Canadian explorer was well known for his travels and discoveries of new places in North America and he was passionate about travelling through new places. He is best known for his contribution with regards to the Mississippi River which he had discovered together with Marquette. The two also mapped the River in the year 1673.

Louis Joliet

The great voyage of Joliet together with Marquette began in May 1673 when the two left St. Ignace along with their fleet. They sailed to the Fox River via Lake Michigan and Green Bay. It was from this point that they started for Wisconsin River and from there they made their way up to the Mississippi River in June 1673, after building a trade base at Wisconsin.

Louis Joliet Life

From the famous river they made their way to the Gulf of Mexico but unfortunately could not go further beyond the Arkansas River for fear of entering in to a conflict with the Spanish. Thus, they turned back making their way to the Illinois River in order to make a short cut to the Great Lakes as guided by the natives.

On the way back they crossed the rivers of Des Plaines and finally entered Lake Michigan. Joliet then made his way back to his hometown and informed his fellow men about his achievements.In the year 1680 Joliet became the proud owner of the Anticosti Island and in 1693 he became the Royal Hydrographer.

How did Louis Joliet Die

After this in April 1697 he overtook the fiefdom of New France thereby becoming a lord and came to be called Sir Joliet with respect! It is believed that Louis Joliet, the Canadian explorer died in 1700 on his way to Anticosti which was then his island.

However, no clear evidence of his death was ever found and so his death has forever remained a mystery in the pages of history. Joliet is well remembered and respected and his name lives on in the names of different cities and places. Joliet, Joliet Montana, Illinois and the city of Joliette in Quebec are all part of his legacy and are signs that clearly reveal the honour and love that he enjoyed! In fact there was a rose which had the same name as him was specially grown and cultivated as a sign of honour for the great man.

There are also cadets named after him under the Saint Jean military force which reiterates his courage and bravery! Louis Joliet is a name that Canada will remember through the centuries and his descendants still continue to inhabit the streets of Canada keeping his memory and his great deeds alive.

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