Sir Francis Drake:Explorer, Pirate and Politician of the Elizabeth era,biography

Golden Hind returned to Plymouth with Drake and his crew, and they brought along rich spices and the captured Spanish treasure. Francis Drake was considered to be the first Englishman to have travelled the world by sea.

In April 1581, Queen Elizabeth awarded Francis a knighthood. It was near Lima, that Francis made one of his profitable attacks. After the attack, he was in possession of a Spanish ship filled with gold. He came to know about a ship called Nuestra Senora de la Concepcion, known as the Cacafuego.

Sir Francis Drake Facts

In 1585, the war between Spain and England broke out. Francis was Vice Admiralof the English ship. Francis was successful in capturing the Spanish fort of San Augustin in Spanish Florida. Francis attacked Cadiz and La Coruna, two of the main Spanish ports and captured them and even destroyed many of the naval and trading ships.

Sir Francis Drake

This attack forced King Philip II of Spain to postpone his invasion of England. It was in 1588 that Spain was defeating in its unsuccessful attempt to invade England. In 1589, Francis and Sir John Norreys were given the tasks of destroying the remaining Spanish ships, support the rebels against King Philip II of Spain and lastily to take Azores.

Sir Francis Drake carried on his pirating career till he reached his mid-fifties. In 1596, Francis Drake died at the age of 55 years. According to some he died because of Dysentry while others state his death was caused because of some unknown fever. His body was buried at the sea as per his wish. Sir Francis Drake was regarded as a hero in England but, at the same time he was and still continues to be a pirate in the minds of Spanish people.

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