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How did Henry the 8th die

When Henry VIII took the throne he was a tall, energetic and athletic individual, he was known not only for his sporting abilities but also for his intelligence. The image of the king as a very overweight and somewhat tyrannical king belong to his later years when he was beset by ill health, much of which was caused by his excessive weight.

Henry VIII Health Problems and Subsequent Death

The King is reported to have suffered from both smallpox and malaria, though neither of these was believed to be linked to the cause of death of Henry VIII. A keen sportsman the king frequently took part in jousting contests, and it is during one such contest that he injured his leg. Henry VIII leg injury was quite severe, though he did at first recover. Later the wound became infected and King Henry VIII leg injury reopened and became severely ulcerated.

How did Henry the 8th die

The poor state of Henry VIII leg meant that he was no longer able to take exercise, and this previously robust and energetic sportsman began to put on weight, a lot of weight. He is reported as being constantly thirsty and suffered frequent night sweats which as we now know is a symptom of diabetes.

He is also known to have contracted syphilis through his many and varied affairs. The king is also known to have suffered through a series of strokes, which would imply high blood pressure and circulation problems. He also suffered from recurring gout.

How Did Henry VIII Die?

Historians have carried out extensive research into Henry VIII death, as the question about how did King Henry die is one which is frequently asked. Researchers have concluded that the king suffered from a number of syndromes which are today treatable, but were then unknown, all of which could have contributed in some way to how King Henry died.

During the kings last days he was bedridden, with the stench of rotting flesh from the ulcers on King Henry VIII leg filling the room. As speaking about the kings death was regarded as an act of treason, none of his doctors told him that he was dying. In the end it was probably blood poisoning from the ulcerations and heart failure which killed him.

How did Henry the 8th die

How Old Was Henry VIII When He Died?

During the period live expectancy was pretty low, with only a small section of the population making it to fifty years of age. The king however made it to the very old age of fifty six. King Henry VIII death is recorded as happening on January 28th, 1547. At the time of his death he had held the throne for thirty eight years.

Where is Henry VIII Buried after his Death?

The king was taken along a funeral route from Syon Abbey to Windsor Castle in a very solemn procession. He was interred in St George's Chapel at Windsor Castle and was buried alongside his third wife Jane Seymour. There is a story that claims that the body of the king while being transported to his final resting place imploded, his frame simply collapsing in on itself which lead to blood seeping through the coffin along the funeral route.

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