How did Henry the 8th Die

Henry Tudor (1491-1547) was King of England from 1509 until his death in January 1547. He was the son of Henry VII and Elizabeth York. Henry married six times, beheaded two of his wife and was one of the main agitators in the English Reformation.

King Henry VIII had six wives in the order that included Catherine of Aragon, Anne Boleyn, Jane Seymour, Anne of Cleves, Catherine Howard and Catherine Parr. He had legitimate three children’s, that included two daughters Mary and Elizabeth and his only son Edward. All of them had a chance to become a king and queen one after the other.

King Henry VIII

Life of King Henry VIII

He first marries Catherine of Aragon at the age of 17 years. She then became the queen of England and a few years later they bore a daughter together and named her Mary. He was in great desire to produce a male heir but Catherine was not able to give it to him till 42 years. So he decided to abandon his marriage with his wife Catherine.

Henry was introduced to Anne Boleyn by his mistress and got attracted to her. In 1533, she became pregnant and gave birth to Henry’s second daughter Elizabeth. He later decided that he is not in need of the permission of pope on the issue of the head of the Church of England. Under the new archbishop of Canterbury, Thomas Cranmer, his first marriage was canceled. He then legally but secretly married Anne Boleyn.

Anne was also not able to produce any male heir for him as she miscarried twice. So Henry was attracted to Jane Seymour, one of the ladies in waiting for Anne. Anne was then beheaded in the treason of adultery and plotting the murder of King. Finally, Jane was able to give him his only male heir King Edward who later became the king of England after his father’s death.

Three years after the death of Jane, Henry married Anne of Cleves for the sake of succession of the crown. But he soon divorced her and after few weeks of divorce, he married Catherine Howard in private. Henry by now had become a weight gainer and had a lot of health issues, while Catherine was too young. Resulting she sought for men outside and this caught the attention of the king who executed her in the guilt of adultery.

At last, Henry was married to Catherine Parr and she was his last wife.

Henry VIII Health Problems and Subsequent Death

When Henry VIII took the throne he was a tall, energetic and athletic individual, he was known not only for his sporting abilities but also for his intelligence. The image of the king as a very overweight and somewhat tyrannical king belong to his later years when he was beset by ill health, much of which was caused by his excessive weight.

The King is reported to have suffered from both smallpox and malaria, though neither of these was believed to be linked to the cause of death of Henry VIII. A keen a sportsman the king frequently took part in jousting contests, and it is during one such contest that he injured his leg.

Henry VIII leg injury was quite severe, though he did at first recover. Later the wound became infected and King Henry VIII leg injury reopened and became severely ulcerated.

The poor state of Henry VIII leg meant that he was no longer able to take exercise, and this previously robust and energetic sportsman began to put on weight, a lot of weight. He is reported as being constantly thirsty and suffered frequent night sweats which as we now know is a symptom of diabetes.

He is also known to have contracted syphilis through his many and varied affairs. The king is also known to have suffered through a series of strokes, which would imply high blood pressure and circulation problems. He also suffered from recurring gout.

Which Incident was Famous as a Reason for the Death of King Henry the 8th?

Apart from being healthy, Henry VIII was also cultured and a fir athletic. He had loved martial sport always and was an avid jouster and his life in Greenwich suited him. Henry had stocked the Greenwich park with deers and for entertainment, he had built a tennis court, kennels, and a cockpit.

King had also built a tiltyard tournament ground at the Greenwich Palace. Two bouts of jousting impacted the health of Henry VIII severely. One incident that took place made him unconscious for many hours. He was in his 40’s when Henry clad in armor came off his horse which also fell on him. The horse was also clad with armor. After that he became a bullying tyrant for all and this also ended his sporting life. He never jousted again.

How Did Henry the 8th Die?

Historians have carried out extensive research into Henry VIII death, as the question about how did King Henry the 8th die is one which is frequently asked. Researchers have concluded that the king suffered from a number of syndromes which are today treatable, but were then unknown, all of which could have contributed in some way to how King Henry died.

During the kings last days, he was bedridden, with the stench of rotting flesh from the ulcers on King Henry VIII leg filling the room. As speaking about the king’s death was regarded as an act of treason, none of his doctors told him that he was dying. In the end, it was probably blood poisoning from the ulcerations and heart failure which killed him. Henry VIII died in the Whitehall Palace of London.

How Old Was Henry VIII When He Died?

During the period live expectancy was pretty low, with only a small section of the population making it to fifty years of age. The king however made it to the very old age of fifty-six. King Henry VIII death is recorded as happening on January 28th, 1547. At the time of his death, he had held the throne for thirty-eight years.

Where is Henry VIII Buried after his Death?

The king was taken along a funeral route from Syon Abbey to Windsor Castle in a very solemn procession. He was interred in St George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle and was buried alongside his third wife Jane Seymour.

King Henry VIII Burial

There is a story that claims that the body of the king while being transported to his final resting place imploded, his frame simply collapsing in on itself which lead to blood seeping through the coffin along the funeral route.

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