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Is Bloody Mary story real

'Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary'. You might as well think twice before you take her name in front of the mirror or so is the myth. The legend of Bloody Mary is believed to have various historic variations. It is also believed to have different variations like Mary Worth, Hell Mary or Mary Whales. But the most commonly name used for this legend is Bloody Mary.

Origins of Bloody Mary Story and Legend

It is largely believed that these names were taken from Mary I, Queen of England who reigned during the Tudor period. Mary Tudor was also commonly known as "Bloody Mary". Queen Mary was the daughter of King Henry VIII, who is famously known for his philandering nature and having six wives.

Is Bloody Mary story real

Mary became the Queen of England at the age of 37, however her way of functioning was considered to be unacceptable by the people. She used to burn people at the stake if they refused to follow the same religion of hers. She was unable to bear children and produce an heir. She suffered with two fatal pregnancies. Because of this the Bloody Mary game was also speculated which involved the chant like 'I stole your baby' and 'I killed your baby'.

Other myths about Bloody Mary

One of the myths that surround the Bloody Mary legend is that of the ghost baby. It is said that Mary had all the symptoms and signs of pregnancy but it turned out that her baby was nothing but a ghost. Stories also included that Mary used to drink or rather bathe in the blood of young girls in order to try and stay young.

The Bloody Mary Ritual

Bloody Mary is also a ritual or a game of summoning an evil. It is said that if you call out 'Bloody Mary' thrice in front of the mirror in a closed dark room, with a candle in your hand you may see a blurred face of Mary. People have also shared stories about having terrible experiences and consequences of trying this.

Is Bloody Mary real?

No one really knows if Bloody Mary was actually a witch or if she even existed. However, tracing back to its origins, historically everybody considers Queen Mary of the Tudor Dynasty to be the reason because of her evil and cruel doings.

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