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King Philip II of Spain Biography Timeline Accomplishments

Philip II of Spain was born on May 21st 1527. He succeeded to the Spanish throne in 1556. Throughout the course of his live he married four times, his first wife Princess Maria of Portugal dying in childbirth upon delivering their son Don Carlos. Philip died in September 1598. Philip was a loyal Catholic and was the son of the Holy Roman Emperor, Charles V and Isabella of Portugal.

During his reign he saw to the extermination of many Protestants and was responsible for the atrocities carried out in the name of the Spanish Inquisition. He was regarded as being a man of ruthless motive, vain and ambitious. Throughout his reign the main enemies of Spain were The Turkish, the French and the English.

King Philip II of Spain Biography Timeline Accomplishments

King Philip II of Spain Timeline of Key Events

Born in Valladolid, Spain, to Charles V (The Holy Roman Emperor) and Isabella of Portugal, little is written about him until he married his first wife, Maria of Portugal in 1543. Maria was his cousin and sadly died in childbirth in 1545. Philip then married Queen Mary I of England (Bloody Mary) much to the disapproval of the English nobility. Mary was eleven years older than Philip and as a sign of their disapproval of her choice of husband; Parliament refused to crown him king to ensure whatever power he held in England was kept to a minimum.

King Philip II of Spain Biography Timeline Accomplishments\

Philip was granted the Spanish crown in 1556. After the execution of Mary in 1558, Philip tried to persuade Elizabeth, her sister to marry him, she refused. Instead in 1540 Philip married Elizabeth of France, The daughter of King Henry II. They had two daughters together, Isabella Clara Eugenia and Catherine Micaela. Philip married for a fourth time in 1570 to Anna of Austria, the daughter of Emperor Maximilian II. They had one son who would later be crowned King Philip III.

King Philip II of Spain Accomplishments

Philip II is regarded as being the King of Spain throughout it's 'Golden Era' in history. Not all of his accomplishments were positive throughout his reign, and his orders saw that many hundreds if not thousands of Protestants lost their lives. The first major accomplishment of his reign was the signing of a treaty with Henry II of France, called the Truce of Vaucelles it signalled a new period of peace between France and Spain.

King Philip II of Spain Biography Timeline Accomplishments

In 1557 Philips troops fought alongside the English in the Battle of St Quentin against French forces. In 1559 Philip signed a further peace treaty, the Treaty of Cateau-Cambresis with Henry II. January 1567 saw the start of the persecution of the Moors in Spain, this was followed by the sending of an army to the Netherlands in the same year to put a stop to a Protestant uprising.

In 1569 Philip gives orders for the instigation of the Spanish Inquisition in South America. A battle in the Mediterranean sees the fleet of Spain destroy the Turkish Navy. In 1581 Philip is crowned King of Portugal. He gains backing for the pope to invade England on a holy crusade to restore the old religion in 1588, resulting in the defeat of the Spanish Armada in the English Channel.

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