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Tudor Period Costumes Styles

Tudor era was a period when a lot of developments took place in respect of clothing styles. There was a change in the costume pattern worn by men and women during the early years of the Tudor rule and during the later half of the Tudor reign. There was also a remarkable difference between the clothes worn by the rich and the poor. The clothes was a fashion symbol for the rich and for the poor, it meant a garment which covered their body.

Tudor Period Costumes Styles for Women

During the early years of the Tudor reign, women clothing was such that it made them look triangular in shape. Women during the Tudor period wore an undershirt made from cotton or linen. They also wore corsets which were very tight. The underskirts were full length. The skirts were often padded and held up with loops. The gowns worn over the underskirts were also full length. The sleeves of the gowns were either stitched or pinned.

Tudor Period Costumes Material

The clothes worn by women were made either from fine wool, silk or linen. They also wore stockings made from silk. Women's headgear was a coif, attached to the cornet. During the later years, women's dressing fashion underwent a change. The bodice was longer than before, farthingale was introduced which made women's clothing a bit more comfortable to wear. Those women who could not wear a farthingale, wore a Also, women started wearing jewelry more often than a headgear.

Tudor Period Costumes Styles

Tudor Period Ruffs

Ruffs were worn around the neck. It was commonly worn among the rich. Poor women wore padded roll around their waist. This gave the same effect as a farthingale. The dresses of the poor women were made from wool and they also wore an apron. As a headgear, they wore a bonnet made from a cloth.

Tudor Period Costumes Styles for Men

Men wore shirt made from cotton or silk. They also wore coats that were often cut wide, giving them a squarish look. They also wore tight fitting jackets known as doublets. Men even wore trousers. Men wore woollen socks known as hose. They also wore shorts which reached upto their knees. Like women, men also wore headgear. They wore flat hats.

These hats were ornamented with bird feathers. During the Late Tudor period, men wore short jackets and ruffs around their neck. A cloak was also worn by rich men. Men who could not afford silk clothes wore cotton clothes. The trousers were made from wool and tunic and it was knee length long.

Tudor Period Costumes for Queen Elizabeth

Queen Elizabeth had set new standards for clothing. She introduced a law, known as the Sumptuary law which determined the type of clothing to be worn by every class of the society. Thus, one's class was a determinant factor of the type of clothes he/she had to wear. This law hardly affected the affluent section of the society. However, the poor were prohibited from wearing jewelry, gold or even clothes made from rich fabrics.

Tudor Period Costumes Styles

The rich often decorated their clothes by using embroidery design, precious stones on hats, and even fur. Fur was obtained from various animals like bear, cat, rabbit or even a polecat. Jewelry was worn by both men and women to further ornament their costumes. Buttons also added to the beauty of the clothes.

Pins and laces were commonly used during this period. The main purpose of pins and laces was to hold together the attire. Another fashion statement was to wear gloves. The wealthy could afford wearing clothes made from dyes. Colors like black, gold, blue, indigo, purple, brown, green and red were in vogue. These dyes were obtained from plants and vegetables.

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