Tudor Queen Jane Seymour third wife of Henry VIII

Jane Seymour was the third wife of Henry VIII. Like Anne before her she had been the queen’s lady-in-waiting and in a position to attract the eye of the king whether she intended to or not. Jane Seymour is the wife that Henry is thought to have loved most of all.

Not only because she gave him the son that he was so desperate for, but a genuine love which is said to have left him heartbroken when she died and was taken from him so soon after the happy birth of their son.

Jane Seymour Facts about Childhood

Jane Seymour was born in 1503, and when she married Henry VIII she was thirty three years of age. She was the daughter of Sir John Seymour and Margery Wentworth, and was the oldest of eight children. Her marriage to the king was strongly encouraged by her brothers Edward and Thomas who appreciated the rise in social status that such a union would bring to their family name.

Tudor Queen Jane Seymour third wife of Henry

Jane was quite pale and shy, and it is said that her temperament and manner were the opposite of Anne, the queen that proceeded her. Anne Boleyn had been bold and outgoing whereas Jane was timid and meek. Before she was lady-in-waiting to Anne Boleyn she had served in the same position for Catherine of Aragon, Henry’s first wife.

Jane Seymour Son

Jane was the only wife to bear Henry a son, an heir to the English throne. Jane was already pregnant when she and Henry were married. The birth of a son was a much celebrated event. Upon the announcement of the birth of Price Edward, grand celebrations were planned, not only in the royal court but throughout London and the country at large.

The arrival of a much longed for son confirmed to Henry that his previous marriages had been cursed. With the arrival of Edward, Henry declared that his two daughters, Mary and Elizabeth were illegitimate and had no claim to the English Crown. A situation which was later reversed as all of Henry VIII children took their place as monarch.

Tudor Queen Jane Seymour third wife of Henry

Tudor Queen Jane Seymour Death

The birth of Edward had not been easy, and rather than being given the time that she needed to rest, Jane was drawn into the planning of a spectacular christening for the young prince. The king was so intent of showing his son to the court that Jane, despite being held in great respect for being the mother of the future king, was not given the care that she needed following the birth of her son.

She contracted puerperal fever and died just twelve days after Edward’s birth. As a mark of love and respect from the king, Jane Seymour was given a full state funeral. She was laid to rest at Windsor Castle, in St Georges Chapel. As proof of his true love for her, this is where Henry himself was interred, alongside her after his death, leaving their son to take Henry’s place on the throne.

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