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Tudor Times Exploration of the World

During the Tudor period, a lot of people undertook explorations. Tudor monarchs also supported expeditions to discovery new sea-routes for trade. Ships played a pivotal role in exploration. Henry VIII was known to have spent a good amount on building ships. However, it was during the reign of Queen Elizabeth I that most of the explorations were undertaken.
Tudor Times Exploration: Ship Design
The ships were called galleons and were high. Also, they were narrow in breadth. The ships were believed to be 20 feet in width and 75 feet in length. The size of the ships made them slow while sailing. Although the ships looked bulky in size, living on the ship for several months at a stretch was not an easy task. The main problem was that there was very little space available for the men or sailors to accommodate themselves. All had to survive in the compact space of the ship.
Normally before going on sailing, the troops would stock up the food supply, even carry live animals. Although people joined the voyages, the time required to complete the same was not fixed. The expeditions took months, even years in some cases to reach to their final destination. Another aspect of the exploration was that unhealthy living conditions led to many of the sailors falling sick very often. Some even contracted terminal diseases. Thus, living on a ship was not easy.
The reasons for men wanting to go on an exploration varied. Some wanted to find new sea route for trade purposes, while others wanted to make money. Also, another reason could be that the religious turmoil during the Tudor period forced people to migrate to other places where they would have freedom to practice their own religion.
Some of the famous explorers who undertook expeditions during Tudor period were-
1) Sir Walter Raleigh
He was a poet and Tudor courtier during the rule of Elizabeth I. In fact, it is said that he was one of her favorite courtiers. He was a famous explorer who undertook many expeditions to America and even named a British colony in America as Virginia.
2) John Hawkins
He sold slaves purchased from African region. He traded them with the Spanish. He also was a part of the Royal Navy and would rebuild older ships. For his contribution in the Spanish Armada, he received knighthood. He also imported potatoes and tobacco in England.
3) Sir Francis Drake
He raided Spanish ships off the American coast. He received the support of Queen Elizabeth I for the same. He was the first Englishman to have sailed around the world. He brought with him large quantities of spices from the Indies and treasure from the Spanish. Francis Drake was awarded knighthood for his contribution in making England a powerful country, especially at sea. He played a significant role in earning victory for England in the Spanish Armada.
4) John Cabot
He was an Italian explorer but is popular for his expeditions undertaken for England. He is known for discovering the Newfoundland during one of his voyages.
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