William Shakespeare during Elizabethan Era

This man needs no introduction. He is a revolution in literature himself. “The Bard of Avon”, English poet and playwright who has been notorious enough to create a lot of controversies but so great in his extensive career that he has been lauded with praises and immortalised in world history as a representation of the greatest form of literature.

William Shakespeare has been always speculated upon by people and literary critics. He has been in the limelight for his sexual orientation, religious beliefs, sonnets and the stage. However, his work and his intellect remain unaffected by all of this.

William Shakespeare

In Elizabethan era, William Shakespeare was the first of the four sons born to John Shakespeare and Mary Arden at Henley Street of Avon. He was born on 23rd April which is also celebrated as the day of England’s patron Saint George. He was baptised on 26th April.

His youth was spent attending the Christian Holy Trinity Church where he studied the English Bible. Later on he was said to have been travelling with an Elizabethan drama troupe to Stratford where he even entertained the Queen’s Men.

William Shakespeare Plays

It was probably in Stratford that William entered the King’s New School where he studied theatre, acting, Latin literature and history. He supposedly married on early and spent his earlier years of marriage travelling with his theatre troop. Later on he joined the Globe theatre where he spent his days writing many poems and plays which were very anti catholic in nature.

Perhaps the first of his printed work was the very comic, narrative poem “Venus and Adonis” in 1593. It was widely accepted. Some even say that this poem was written in dedication to Henry Wriothsley, the earl of Southampton who was rumoured to be much more than a platonic friend to Shakespeare.

His following works after this were The Rape of lucrece, The Passionate Pilgrim and The Phoenix and the Turtle which was an allegory. If he is known for his sad tragedies and dark allegories, Shakespeare is also well acclaimed for his romantic plays. He brought romance to the page and the stage like none others of his time.

William Shakespeare Life

Romeo and Juliet, As You Like It and The Midsummer Night’s Dream are just some of his works that bring a little magic in our lives. Shakespeare penned many Tragedies, Comedies and Histories in his life span. His poetries and sonnets are still to this day recited by young couples in love. The cause of Shakespeare’s death is still unclear but it is believed that he died of a fever in 1616. The world might have lost this eminent personality a long time back but he still lives on in our hearts through his glorious works.

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