anglo saxon helmet

Anglo Saxon Helmet

Below is a detailed article about the magnificent Anglo Saxon helmet. The helmet was not only a protective covering but also a symbol of bravery and valor. Let us discuss the details below.

Anglo Saxon Helmet

The Anglo Saxon helmet was excavated in Great Britain. It is believed to be a head covering made of gold and worn by generals in the battlefield to protect their face and head from getting injured during the fight.

anglo saxon helmet
Replica of the Anglo Saxon Helmet

The excavated material was the helmet but being destroyed into more than 4000 fragments that were joined by archaeologists. It took nearly 18 months to recreate the piece. Archaeologists suggest that the massive destruction of the piece must have happened as a result of a huge and bloody battle in the Anglo Saxon era.

The replicas of the same have gone on display at the Birmingham Museum of Art and another at the Potteries Museum.

What were Anglo Saxon helmets made of?

Anglo Saxon Helmet Diagram
Anglo Saxon Helmet Diagram

The original helmets were made of steel, gold, plated bronze and copper.

Anglo Saxon Helmet Facts

The maximum quantity of metal of the helmet was iron.

The helmet was destroyed due to a battle and was broken into more than 4000 pieces which were assembled piece by piece by archaeologists.

The face mask had bronze eyebrows, mustache, and jaw.

The helmets may have taken a long to time to built and were also quite expensive.

The helmet had a covering for the neck as well.

The ear flaps of the helmet were not only a covering for the ears but also a representation of dragon wings.

Description of these helmets is mentioned in the Anglo Saxon poem – Beowulf.

How to make an Anglo Saxon helmet?

It is popular among young children to build their own Anglo Saxon helmet for fun and entertainment. We will learn how to make an Anglo Saxon helmet out of cardboard. Let us see how it is done below.

An Anglo Saxon helmet paper mache will require pieces of thin card, paper, ruler, pencil, scissors, masking tape, paints, colors and silver foil paper.

The first step will involve making a headband of the size of your head. Cut a strip of the paper and measure around your head. Stick the two ends to make a circular and head fitting band.

Now cut four to five strips, 30 cm long and wide enough and stick two ends of these on the formerly created circular band. You can now see the Anglo Saxon helmet template. Make sure to leave one of the strips with a longer edge for the neck covering on the helmet.

The last step would be to Anglo Saxon elements such as decorations on the helmet, colors, etc. Once it is complete, it should look like this.

Anglo Saxon Paper Helmet
Anglo Saxon Paper Helmet

Your Anglo Saxon Sutton Hoo helmet is ready to use to play around with!

Anglo Saxon Paper Helmet
Ready to use – Anglo Saxon Paper Helmet

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