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Anne Bonny Biography for Kids: Famous Woman Pirate

Anne Bonny was one of the famous female pirates who had marked her presence in the pirate world as being fierce and courageous. Anne Bonny’s life was very hard but was less audacious than Mary Read, the other best known female pirate. Anne Bonny was a child born out of an illicit relationship between her mother and a lawyer, William Cormac for whom her mother worked as a housemaid in Ireland.

Anne Bonny Early Life


Anne Bonny was dressed like a boy, pretending to be the son of her father’s friend. Later on, her father put aside all the affectation and lived explicitly with his maid and his illegitimate daughter. However, his career was in jeopardy and was soon forced to search for a job at some other place.


Anne soon moved to California along with her parents. There her father flourished as a lawyer and also became a merchant. As a result of this success, he could purchase a plantation. On her mother’s death, Anne took charge of the housekeeping.

Anne Bonny’s Marriage

She grew up as a fierce person with a courageous temperament. Anne married James Bonny, at the age of 16. The reason for James to marry Anne was her wealth. But her father disapproved of their marriage and with this James lost of hope of getting any money.

Anne and James immediately left for New Providence and Bonny became a traitor and there Anne Bonny met Jack Rackham or Calico Jack. Anne and Jack, later on, fled in his ship. On the ship, Anne was again masked as a man. She soon picked up the pirate traits and became an efficiently skilled pirate. The fact of Anne being a woman was soon known to the crew members but no one had any problem with her.

Anne Bonny's Marriage

After a few expeditions, Anne realized that there is a good looking man on board. Her advances to him forced the man to reveal that he in fact was a woman dressed as a man. This was Mary Read another famous female pirate.

Anne Bonny Pirate Activities

Anne Bonny was one of the very few women who defied the norm that dictated that a woman could not become a pirate. She successfully accompanied her husband Calico Rackham in the sea and plundered and looted commercial ships on their way.

She actively participated in armed conflicts during their operations and disguised herself as a man at that time, although everyone on board knew that she was a woman. Anne was a fierce and indomitable woman whose spirit could not be suppressed. While still a young girl, Anne beat up a rapist so badly that he had to hospitalized for a long time.

Famous woman pirate

Anne Bonny and Mary Read

Anne and Mary Read became good friends after the incidence. In 1720, Rackham’s ship was under attack by the British Navy. All the crew members were drunk and it was upon these two brave female pirates to save the day. They succeeded in resisting the enemy for a long time but were soon overpowered.

All the crew including Anne Bonny, Mary Read and Rackham were arrested and taken to Jamaica. The men were being declared guilty, were hanged. But Anne Bonny and Mary Read both were pregnant at that time and thus managed to escape death.

Anne Bonny Facts

What happened to Anne Bonny?

It is said that Mary died while waiting for the birth of her child. Another story says that she died because of fever after the birth of her child. The stories of Anne vary with some saying she was pardoned after the birth of her child, some say that she disappeared after her child was born thus escaping death. However, one thing that is true is that Anne Bonny was the best female pirate ever known.

Did Anne Bonny have Children?

It is not certainly known whether Anne had children or not but according to some sources say that she abandoned her first child. Other sources believe that her child was sent away to Cuba where she grew up at a friend’s house. According to the Oxford Dictionary of Biographies, Anne later married Joseph Burleigh with whom she had eight children.

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How did Anne Bonny die?

Anne Bonny died in South Carolina on 25 April in 1782. It is not known for certain under what circumstances her death occurred.

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