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10 Facts about Jacobean Era which you must know

Facts about Jacobean Era

1) Jacobean era marks the beginning of the reign of King James I who ruled over a unified kingdom comprising of England and Scotland.

2) During Jacobean era, there was emergence of the tobacco industry and it was consumed in large amounts.

3) Architectural style of the Jacobean era was an amalgamation of several styles. However, the architectural pattern remained similar to the type used during the Tudor era. Renaissance classical style of architecture was introduced by Inigo Jones.

4) It was sometime during the rule of King James I that Britain started establishing colonies. One such colony was America.

5) There was a change in the way in which chairs were made. During this period, chairs were made with higher back. They even had rectangular seats.

6) Most noted event of this era took place was when a group of English Catholics plotted to attack the Parliament and the King in the Palace of Westminster.

7) There was a tremendous advancement of modern science which was influenced by Francis Bacon.

8) During the Jacobean period, people were religious. However, they also believed in the existence of witchcraft and supernatural beings and activities.

9) It was during the Jacobean period that popular Shakespearean plays like Tempest, Macbeth were written.

10) Tragedy and Satire was at its peak during the Jacobean era.

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