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Site author: Prasad Mahabal – M.A. in History

I am an anglophile who loves English history and culture and likes writing about it. I have lived in various places, mostly in South London and in Buckinghamshire, England.

My academic background is rather interesting, some may call it confused!

I did my Bachelor of Engineering followed by masters in Computer science. While living in London, it was not unusual to appreciate history. With so many wonderful museums, most of my weekends were spent appreciating the marvels of various civilisations. So I ended up pursuing a Master’s degree with a specialisation in “Science and Technological Developments in Ancient Civilizations”.

While visiting Oxford on numerous occasions, I wanted to get the famous “Oxford-educated” tag. With a keen interest in movies, I decided to learn filmmaking in Oxford, only after confirming that I will get a certificate at the end of it that has the word “Oxford” on it.

To cut the long story short, besides having a keen interest in history, I love most of the art forms and appreciate various cultures and languages. I have lived in and travelled across most of Europe, northern America, and Asia appreciating the uniqueness of each of the cultures.

Besides English, I have a basic knowledge of French, Korean, and Arabic script.

Last updated: November 2019

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