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Christopher Columbus Timeline

What Interesting Events Happened in Christopher Columbus’s Life?

Here is the Timeline of major events in the life of Christopher Columbus:

Christopher Columbus Timeline

  • 1451- Christopher Columbus is born in a humble family at Genoa, Italy. He was the first child born to Dominico Colombo and Suzanna Fontanarossa. Dominico was a wool weaver in Genoa.
  • 1465- Christopher sailed the sea for the first time.
  • 1476- He was a crew member in the Portuguese merchant service. The ship however sank. Christopher swam his way through the sea and reached
  • 1477- He visited his brother Bartholomew at Lisbon and stayed there for a while.
Christopher Columbus timeline
Christopher Columbus timeline from birth to death
  • 1479- Christopher married Felipa Perestrello, the daughter of Bartholomew Perestrello. Bartholomew was a popular sailor. After her father’s death, Felipa gave Christopher all the maps and charts that were in the possession of her father.
  • 1480- Felipa gives birth to a baby boy. They named him Diego.
  • 1484- Christopher meets King John of Portugal and seeks his help of funding for his ambitious expedition to find a new sea route to the Indies. His proposal was turned down by King John.
  • 1485-86- Christopher’s wife Felipa dies of an illness. He moves to Spain where he met a young woman named Dona Beatriz Enríquez. It is said that they lived together for a long time.
  • 1488- Dona gives birth to a baby boy who was named Ferdinand. He was better known as Fernando.
  • 1485-1492- Columbus tried to persuade Queen Isabella of Spain to grant his funds and ships for his voyages. In 1492, Queen Isabella agreed to help Christopher.
  • 1492- Columbus undertook the first voyage. He took with him three ships- Santa Maria (largest of the vessels, could board 40 men), Pinta and Nina. Santa Maria ran aground near Hispaniola. Christopher left his crew behind on a settlement at La Navidad.
Christopher Columbus important events
Christopher Columbus important events
  • 1493- Pinta and Nina get separated because of a storm. They, however, reach Spain separately.
  • 1493- Columbus sets out for the second voyage. On this expedition, Dominico island is spotted by one of the crew members at sunrise. Columbus took back with him natives of the Arawak tribe to work as slaves.
  • 1496- Columbus and his crew arrive in Portugal.
  • 1498- Christopher undertakes his third voyage. Brings some native people to Spain to be sold as slaves.
  • 1502- Fourth expedition and final expedition is carried out.
  • 1504- Columbus returns to Spain as a sick and disappointed man.
  • 1506- Christopher Columbus dies in Spain. The exact location where his remains are kept is unknown.

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