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Elizabethan Politicians

Elizabethan era was a time that is conflicted with duality in every aspect. There are bad sides and there are good sides to everything in this era. Is it surprising then that the Elizabethan era had all kinds of politicians and that the government had good as well as bad facets?

Elizabethan era saw the emergence of a strong monarch. This boded well for the people. There were laws that protected the people and different strata of politicians were selected keeping in mind their interests and success in their respective fields.

Elizabethan Politicians

Sometimes some nobles who were acclaimed for their good justice in their estates were chosen as judges for the royal court. The Queen solicited with many learned scholars and experienced personalities before taking any steps.

Elizabethan Era Political

The motto in Elizabethan era was that the king rules all. This made the Queen all powerful almost like a demi god. However, the country had a parliament with which the Queen had to consult before taking any important decisions. As such the politicians in the Elizabethan era enjoyed a very important role.

This also implied that they had to be extremely well learned and experienced to hold these important positions. The politicians during Elizabethan era were comprised of mostly the nobility. They were from the high class or upper level of the society.

Elizabethan Politicians

As was customary of the privileged class they were educated from some of the finest colleges of the country. They also had travelled to far away countries and thus had a fairly good knowledge of the foreign life and customs.

Elizabethan Politicians

These experiences helped them to take informed decisions of state affairs. Sometimes they also imbibed some foreign customs and laws in their country for the welfare of the people. It was the job of the politician at that time to test the practicality of these laws in their atmosphere.

The Queen could pass laws but for this she had to pass this law as a bill through the parliament. This gave the politicians who had a place in the parliament, very important. They had to weigh the pros and cons of the law and utilise their knowledge to estimate the practicality of the law in their environment. They had to reach a unanimous decision regarding this bill and only then could the bill be passed.

It was the job of the revenue department to maintain the state treasury. The politicians in this department held the power of the whole state in their hands. It was also their job to come up with various budgets and taxation systems which would enrich the treasury without crushing the people.

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