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Love and Romance in Literature of William Shakespeare

The Elizabethan era is considered to be the time when literature was at its peak with people like William Shakespeare being as one of the greatest people that enlightened the masses and crowds with their skills and his pieces of work are even appreciated today. The major side that glowed and showed development was the development of drama.

William Shakespeare was inspired by sonnets and his sonnet’s portrayed a theme of a moment in time, relationship, exquisiteness, and changeability. The majority of plays initially were supervised by the religious authorities.

Love and Romance in Literature of William Shakespeare

What is Romantic Tragedy

Shakespeare’s plays consist of many genres, being comedy, satirical, tragedy, and romance. His most famous works was “Romeo and Juliet”, “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”, “Much Ado about Nothing”, “Hamlet”, “Macbeth”, and “Julius Caesar“. The style that he used to write these plays were usually a blank verse with an iambic pentameter.

Shakespeare loved to add the technique called “Soliloquy”, which is a monologue of the character. Simply, it means that the character talks alone on the stage (Fletcher). As it lets the audience to go deep through the character’s thoughts. As Shakespeare’s skills developed, we could see was from Macbeth using similes and metaphors.

It was recognized that he was the person who could successfully change all the old ideas. Shakespeare concentrated his work on the daily life and issues at that time, as some of his work showed themes relating to harassment for power. It was amazing how these themes could touch the lives of not only upper class, but to people of all classes.

Love and Romance in Literature

Shakespeare Romantic Comedy Definition

People usually visited the amphitheater to watch these extraordinary Shakespeare’s plays. During this period, literature was at its peak with love and romance contributing to it to a very large extent.

The influence has brought and gifted us with the best pieces of literatures with great maestros like Shakespeare, Milton, Lyly, Plato and many more as this was the time when literature was at its peak and this era was rich with such priceless work pieces. Even today , people enjoy watching “Romeo and Juliet” or “Julius Caesar” with the same passion like any other play in today’s world.

Love and Romance in Literature

People acknowledge these plays and like watching these plays because of its tradition and richness of drama in these theatre performances and that is the sole reason it stands out of the box among many other plays that people admire watching.

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