Stede Bonnet Famous Pirate

When was Stede Bonnet Born

Stede Bonnet was born in a wealthy English family. He was regarded as the strangest and most unlikely pirates. He held the rank of a Major. Stede had obtained liberal education and was known to others as a man of letters. By his middle years, he had successfully achieved everything possible to lead a happy life. His wife had been his support system for him. He was the owner of sugar plantations which gave him sufficient to live a comfortable life.

The fact that a man like Stede who was so stable in life could opt for pirating shocked his neighbours. Stede Bonnet was a part-time pirate. He had bought his own ship rather than plunder a ship and then capture it. This ship of Stede had the capacity to keep 10 pieces of armament and he had re-named her the Revenge. Another thing that he did that other pirates refrained from was to pay the crew members from his own money.

Stede Bonnet Famous Pirate

It was because of this reason that he was never overthrown as a captain. For many days after buying the Revenge, it was kept in the Bridgetown harbour but one night he just sailed away with the ship without notifying his family or friends. After leaving Bridgetown, Stede sailed for Virginia Capes. Once he reached there, he began capturing ships, plundering them and he was known to have turned a ship as well.

Stede Bonnet Interesting Facts

The crew after spending some time with Stede realized that he was an inexperienced pirate and this caused the crew to grow hostile towards him. Bonnet was in the Bay of Honduras when he got together with Blackbeard and his ship Queen Anne’s Revenge. The two soon became good friends and decided on going on expeditions together.

Soon after they teamed up, Blackbeard realized that Bonnet was an inexperienced pirate. Blackbeard was however successful in convincing Bonnet to be a ‘guest’ on Queen Anne’s Revenge while Blackbeard had appointed some one to command the Revenge.Bonnet was able to bring Blackbeard to an agreement of returning the Revenge to Bonnet.

Stede Bonnet Famous Pirate

After this, they went their separate ways. It is believed that in order to cover-up his identity, he is known to have changed his name to Captain Thomas and re-named the ship Royal James. After sailing for some time in his newly adopted identity, Bonnet was captured by Col.

William Rhett. Bonnet had written letters seeking pardon, but was found guilty of the charges and was hanged in December 1718. His body was kept hanging in the open for four days as a warning to the potential pirates.

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