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White Anglo Saxon Protestant Stereotypes

Below is a detailed article about some White Anglo Saxon Protestant Stereotypes. Firstly, let us discuss who they and they do below.

Who are White Anglo Saxon Protestants?


White Anglo Saxon Protestants are an American community that goes by that name. They are commonly referred to as the WASP and were founded during the second world war. They belong to a wealthy white protestant social group and have a British descent. They dominated American society in the fields of finance, culture, education, and lifestyle.

White Anglo Saxon Protestant
White Anglo Saxon Protestant groups

Their social values include good posture, good manners, personal hygiene, overly disciplined upbringing and more.

What are some White Anglo Saxon Protestant Stereotypes?

Social stereotypes of the WASPs

The stereotypes differ from region to region. The white people are generally referred to as being highly self-involved and unaware of other peoples life and opinions. The people of the lower class are referred to as backward and uneducated by them. They considered them as those that needed the help of some sort.

Many are also stereotyped to be victims of drug abuse and addiction.

Not only that, many even today from places like Minnesota are considered to have a hospitable spirit where people are naturally nice and generous toward one another.

Reference to actual Anglo Saxons

Anglo Saxon was a community in England between the 8th to the 11th century and forms a cognitive part of the history of British culture. Therefore, the term for WASPs has been adopted from the same. It does not refer to the actual Anglo Saxons of medieval Europe.

It is basically used to describe the ‘White’ people. It is also in sync with the Protestant community of New America and New England. The stereotypes mostly refer to the English speaking white community in different parts of the world. In this concept, the Jews and the Catholics suffered discrimination.

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