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Bartholomew Roberts: Famous Pirate During Elizabethan Era

Bartholomew Robert’s real name was John Roberts. He was born in 1682 in Haverfordwest, Wales. John Roberts is known to have left his home at a very young age. After leaving his home, John became a member of the Royal Navy and was employed on the ship called Princess in 1718.

Bartholomew Roberts
Bartholomew Roberts

This ship was used to trade the captured slaves. By the end of 1719’s, the Golden Age of Piracy was reaching its end. It was around this time that well known pirate Howell Davis attacked and brought the Princess under his control.

Black Bart Facts

John who was only 37 years old was persuaded to join Howell’s crew and Roberts agreed to the same. However, after some time of John joining Howell’s crew, Howell Davis died in an attack. After Howell’s death, the crew unanimously chose Roberts as their new captain.

This is how he was referred to as ‘O Black Bart O’ or ‘Great Pirate Roberts’ and also ‘Bartholomew’. He thus began his career with rage and primarily carried on his pirating activities on the coasts of North and South America.

About Bartholomew Roberts Famous Pirate

Bartholomew was a tall, dark and attractive man. He would wear a rich crimson waistcoat, breeches, feathered hats, diamonds, etc. He liked classical music and was known to have kept a band of musicians on his ship.

He was also known to have carried two pistols during war times. Roberts was very bold and feared pirate. He hated the people of Martinique and Barbados Islands. His ship’s flag can be said to explain his hatred up to a certain extent.

Bartholomew Roberts Famous Pirate
Bartholomew Roberts Famous Pirate

The flag projects Roberts holding a sword in one hand and a dagger in the other hand, with two human skulls under his feet. John’s career as a pirate was only four years but in this short span, he had become famous as the most daring and brutal pirate.

Bartholomew Roberts Famous Pirate Career

During his pirate life, it was believed that the shipping trade received a huge setback owing to his activities. Roberts was feared for his merciless nature. One instance of this was the time when he wanted to attack a 52 gun warship.

He hanged the Governor of Martinique and tortured and killed the Governor of French crew. In February 1722, Captain Ogle of the Royal Navy had plotted to kill Roberts.

General History of the Pyrates Bartholomew Roberts
General History of the Pyrates Bartholomew Roberts

He disguised the gunboat as a trading ship and when Robert’s ship was within range, Ogle ordered his officials to open fire. It is said that some bullets lethally hit Roberts in the throat. Roberts crew threw his body in the sea as per Roberts order.

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