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Best Poem of William Shakespeare

Poem of William Shakespeare: He was regarded as the foremost dramatist of his time, evidence indicates that both he and his world looked to poetry, not playwriting, for enduring fame. Shakespeare’s sonnets were composed between 1593 and 1601, though not published until 1609.

Beat Poem Of William Shakespeare Sonnets

That Edition, The Sonnets of Shakespeare, consists of 154 sonnets, all written in the form of three quatrains and a couplet that is now recognized as Shakespearean. His poems are best appreciated when they’re read all by themselves — particularly “Shakespeare’s Sonnets & Poems,”  which include the soul-baring sonnets as well as his excellent narrative poems.

William Shakespeare Sonets
William Shakespeare Sonnets

Sonnet 18 is the best known and well-loved of all 154 sonnets. It is also one of the most straightforward in language and intent. The stability of love and its power to immortalize the poetry and the subject of that poetry is the theme.

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The poet starts the praise of his dear friend without ostentation, but he slowly builds the image of his friend into that of a perfect being. His friend is first compared to summer in the octave, but, at the start of the third quatrain (9), he is summer, and thus, he has metamorphosed into the standard by which true beauty can and should be judged.

William Shakespeare
William Shakespeare

The imagery is the very essence of simplicity: “wind” and “buds.” In the fourth line, legal terminology – “summer’s lease” – is introduced in contrast to the commonplace images in the first three lines.

The poet is describing not what the youth is but what he will age hence, as captured in the poet’s eternal verse – or again, in a hoped-for child. Whatever one may feel about the sentiment expressed in the sonnet and especially in these last two lines, one cannot help but notice an abrupt change in the poet’s own estimate of his poetic writing.

William Shakespeare Love Poem

The opening line poses a simple question which the rest of the sonnet answers. The poet compares his loved one to a summer’s day and finds him to be “lovelier and more temperate.” This sonnet is certainly the most famous in the sequence of Shakespeare’s sonnets; it may be the most famous lyric poem in English.

The Rape of Lucrece by William Shakespeare
The Rape of Lucrece by William Shakespeare

Of indescribable linguistic beauty, elegance, and complexity, Shakespeare’s sonnets owe their timeless appeal to their supreme compositional values, the universality of their themes, and their keen insights into the human heart

And soul; as much as their transcendence of the era’s poetic conventions which, following Petrarch, heavily idealized the addressee’s qualities: a form new and exciting two hundred years earlier, but encrusted in cliché in the late 1500s.

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