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Christopher Columbus in America

Christopher Columbus in America: During his popular voyages to find the New World, Columbus unknowingly discovered the American island.

Christopher Columbus in America

He, however, never stepped on the American soil. Columbus accidentally discovered America during his third and fourth voyage.

Christopher Columbus Third Voyage

The third voyage began in 1498. The main objective of undertaking the third voyage was to search for China. This island was said to be situated towards the south-west coast of Cape Verde islands. While exploring the Trinidad island, Columbus unknowingly discovered the mainland of South America.

Christopher Columbus in America

He also found out about River Orinoco. Apart from that Columbus even discovered Margarita island. He came across some unfamiliar islands of Tobago and Grenada. Although he had discovered a new island, he was of the opinion that these islands are a part of China.

Christopher Columbus Fourth Yoyage

During his fourth voyage which commenced in 1502, Columbus arrived at the Central American region. He reached here after he sailed from Jamaica.

In Central Christopher Columbus in America, Columbus reached the Bay Islands near the coast of Honduras. Other places that Columbus explored were Panama, Costa Rica, and Nicaragua.

Christopher Columbus Discovery

One interesting fact about the expeditions that led to the discovery of American island was that Columbus himself never stepped on the American soil. Until the very end, Columbus believed that he did not make any such discovery.

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