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Count Maurycy Beniowski Famous Elizabethan Pirate

Count Maurycy Beniowski was also known by the name of Baron Maurice de Benyowski. He was a son born to a noble family settled in Poland. At around the time of Beniowski birth, Poland had been divided into three parts. Count Maurycy was born in Russia, one of the three separate parts.

Count Maurycy Beniowski

Maurycy Beniowski is also known as Baron Maurice de Benyowski was born in Poland to a noble family. That time Poland was partitioned into 3 parts, Beniowski was born in the Russian part. As a youngster, he took part in Polish uprising to liberate Poland from the Russian rule (Konfederacja Barska) and after being captured by Russians was sent into exile to Siberia.

Count Maurycy Beniowski Work

When Count Maurycy was a young man, he participated in the liberal movement to free Poland from the clutches of the Russian governance. However, he was arrested by the Russian troops and was sent into exile to Siberia where he was to serve his term.


While serving the term, he somehow ran away from Siberia. After a few years of chaotic life following his grand escape, Beniowski had a fortified voyage to Madagascar.

However, Beniowski managed to escape and after some tumultuous years, he found himself leading an armed expedition headed toward Madagascar.

Famous Elizabethan Pirates

Beniowski declared himself the King of Madagascar when he had successfully established himself there. He was a pirate in his own way since he did dominate the coast of Madagascar. He did not work under the control of authority but worked all by himself.

Beniowski was so famous as a pirate that an island near Mauritius has been named after him. Count Maurycy Beniowski was a pirate who was remembered in his times for his activities and still continues to live in the minds of the people.

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