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Elizabethan Explorers Timeline

The Elizabethan era began when Elizabeth finally ascended to the throne in 1558 to be crowned as Queen after Queen May died in 1558. The period of time that she ruled that is 45 years (1558-1603) was marked by prosperity in the field of exploration.

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The need for trade routes to the Far East had intensified for the phenomenon of colonization had begun and all European powers were vying for the right to colonize the Far East nations. During this time Queen Elizabeth was indeed lucky to have some of the best Navigators, Explorers and Sailors in her court.

Elizabethan Explorers Timeline

Elizabethan Explorers Timeline

Though one would consider Vasco Da Gama’s travail to India by sea as the beginning of the Age of Explorers, We would deal with the exploratory achievements during the time that Queen Elizabeth came to power up until the time of her demise.

  • 1556 – The Portuguese traders were allowed to make a permanent settlement in the port of Macau (part of present day China) in return for an annual rent of 500 taels of silver.
  • 1559 – Tristan De Luna and 1500 Spanish crew land at modern day Pensacola Bay in North America
  • 1562 – John Hawkins sets sail for the Caribbean via Sierra Leone and eventually pioneers slave trade.
  • 1562 – Francisco de Ibarra sets sail to search for the fabled “City of Gold”.
  • 1568 – Spanish explorer Alvaro de Mendana de Neira discovers the Solomon Islands
  • 1576 – Sir Martin Frobisher attempts to find the Northwest Passage three times sailing but ends up founding Greenland and Canada instead
Martin Frobisher
Martin Frobisher
  • 1577 – Sir Francis Drake circumnavigates the world and becomes the second person in the world after Ferdinand Megallan to do so and the first English Captain to accomplish the task. It took him three years.
  • 1584 – Captains Philip Amadas and Arthur Barlowe leave England to explore North American Coast
  • 1585 – John Davies makes the first of three more voyages to Greenland and the Northwest.
  • 1593 – Sir Richard Hawkins explores the South Pacific
  • 1595 – Sir Walter Raleigh sets out in search of the legendary city of El Dorado

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