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Jacobean Architecture in America

During the Jacobean period, America was a British colony. It is only natural that there would be some influence of the Jacobean architecture on American architectural style. This impact on American architecture can also be explained as ‘American Colonial Architecture’.

Jacobean Architecture in America

Jacobean architecture characteristics

Jacobean architecture essentially comprised of elements like flat roofs, windows bay with mullioned windows, gables, long gallery, Tudor arches, etc. In most of the houses, the traditional entrance hall was built in such a way that it was perpendicular to the entrance of the building. Wooden staircases were also a crucial feature of the Jacobean houses.

Jacobean Architecture in America
Jacobean architecture building

In colonial America, houses were mostly built in Saltbox style and they were rectangular in shape. Other Jacobean influences seen in the architectural style in America were steep gable roofs, side-gable, unglazed windows, and symmetrical central front and huge central chimneys.

Jacobean Style House

Like Jacobean homes, stairs were built in the centre of the house. The houses were normally two stories high. Another architectural style in America was the Cape Cod style. It was basically similar to the saltbox style but in this style, the houses were only one storey high.

Jacobean Architecture in America
Jacobean house

Bacon’s Castle in Virginia is an excellent illustration of Jacobean Architecture in America. This building has triple-stacked chimneys and Flemish gables. Another example of Jacobean architecture is the Jamestown Church.

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