Bubonic Plague

Black Plague

The black plague or the bubonic death is a word we all are quite acquainted with as this quite clearly indicates death, epidemic, something horrifying and something that mirrors ominous facets. Yes, this talks about death and epidemics that used to kill hundreds and thousands in the medieval ages that had no specific cure and hence, was really terrifying.

Source: China

Agents: Spread through rodents and fleas.

Symptoms noticed: reddening of skin, skin turning black, high fever, swelling of the lymph glands.

Dated back to: 1330s

The trade connections in the past among China, India, central Asia and Europe were the main reason behind spreading of this terrific disease. It was almost uncontrollable as technological development and advancement in the arena of medicine was really less then.

The rate of casualty: Millions died owing to this fever and did not even receive a proper Christian burial as people almost abandoned them. Around 25 million hoi polloi lost their lives between the years, 1347 and 1352.

Black Plague
Black Plague

Symbolising this as ‘ Black ‘


The fever started spreading soon all over the European nations , especially Italy and England and hence , people started calling this as the black death ; black being the colour of negative vibe and ominous aspects .

Italian people often used to say that; people had lunch with their friends and had dinner with their ancestors in the paradise. No effective remedy was found and hence, people did not at all receive any function able treatment. This black plague was spreading almost like a wild forest fire that is unstoppable in nature.

More about the black plague

The black plague was not only a biological issue but also a mental issue as people then was really panic stricken and did isolate the affected ones. Abandoning the affected ones was the real ecstasy them. As the disease was spread by rodents and fleas, it did lessen its ill effects in the winters but used to spread its arms in the summers and springs again. This was believed to be infectious and communicative in nature and hence, isolation was the only possible remedy then.

The societal structure was shaken due to Black plague

The huge loss of people and the colossal rate of casualty did affect the social construct as well. Loss of lives did decrease the population, changed the demographic structure of the region and hence, shortage of labour was seen as the major crisis there. Also spurting wage demands created an abysmal situation in Europe then.

The condition was worse among the middle class people as they were the ones who were labourers or merchants. Trade connections got weakened. The entire social structure was deconstructed owing to this disease.

Abyss owing to black plague

People all over Europe believed that this black plague was airborne a disease and hence, were leaving their homes to take shelter in rural remote county sides.  In fact, the social law and orders were being violated, the administrative protocols, the dispensational rules could not at all stand firm owing to this crisis that separated families, friends relatives.

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