Medieval art

The term medieval itself portrays something feudal… having a Christian essence , ecclesiastical touch  ; but the thing is , the art forms and the genre of medieval art was somewhat really different and interesting as that was a crucial form of expression of the artists and the hoi polloi in those staunch periods of religious , cultural and political orthodoxy .

Art was a significant means of expression, aesthetics, creativity and freedom too where confinements were few unlike other domains such as economics, politics or religion or other social customs and practices. having limited resources or technology never worked as a hindrance as medieval art mirrors colossal passion and depicts so much about their ways of life , the contemporary society , the then morals , values , practices , the state , the church and so on and so forth .

Medieval art
Medieval art

So summing it up, we can say Christian influence is clearly visible in medieval art. The major art movements  such as the early Christian art , migration period art , byzantine art , insular art , pre Romanesque art , Romanesque art , gothic art , Norse art and so on and so forth is really gargantuan and projects the real societal currents of the past .

It sometimes echoes more than the written and documented pages of history. The medieval skill is inexplicable and the eloquence of usage of colours, measurements is magnificent.

Medieval art
Medieval art

Different Medieval art forms


  • Early Christian Art

This was also termed as the late antique art form and this period roughly lasted till the Byzantine period of art

Basically influenced by Christianity, lavish mosaics were made.

The churches have huge collection of such art which are really majestic.

Medieval art
Medieval art
  • Byzantine art

Very conservative it was owing to the then religious winds but had that essence of Greek realism

Constantinople is the greatest example of this form of art

Revival of classical art form

Eloquent textile designs, embroidery, painting human and animal figures

  • Migration period art form

This was really important as this shows that people were on the move and were settling in the Roman Empire

The barbarian traditions are conveyed here

Coins, tombs, wooden carvings, using ivory using metals were in vogue

  • Islamic influence Art

Production of glass was a big change in the domain of art

The crusades brought in this amalgamation of art forms

The tombs, mosques were really majestic

Designing ornaments came into fashion then

In fact decorative items were also being manufactured

Hispano Moresque tomb and pseudo Kufic imitation of Arabic art are the greatest examples

  • Romanesque art form

Rise of monasticism

Massive structures of church, vaulted roofs, arched windows

Greatest examples are the golden Madonna of Essen, the figure of Virgin Mary

  • Gothic art form

Works were more secular

Based upon knightly heroism and courtly love

Medieval Art Significance

There are many other sub genres which presented us with the glorious and really beautiful pieces of art, innovative ideas to be emulated and important sources of history as well. Another very interesting thing was, having that effect of Christ the influence of Jewish art was also quite clearly evident.

Starting from paintings to sculptures, medieval art incorporated the entire domain of textile, buildings, tombs, church, intricate artefacts, ornaments and much more. In these days of state of the art technology people have become so tech savvy that those ancient implements and resources seem to us way tough to be used for creating such beauty.

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