Medieval Swords

Medieval Swords

Among the weapons used during the Middle Ages was the sword. Knights used the sword, mainly during combat. Like clothing, even the sword evolved to make it more efficient in the hands of the knight. It became lighter and the hilt also changed for the comfort of the user.

Different Types of Swords during the middle ages


There were many types of swords a knight could choose from according to their body structure and comfort.


The Broadsword was the earliest of the swords in the Middle Ages. It was a double-edged blade and was 30 to 45 inches long.


The Greatsword was a large sword which required both the hands when used. It was 50 to 75 incheslong and weighed between 6 to 10 pounds. The hilt had an extra handle for easier use.


Falchion Sword

The Falchion Sword was similar to a scimitar. It had a short and heavy blade with one edge.


The scimitar was a curved sword with a sharp point.


The Longsword was also known as Hand and a Half sword. It was 44 to 50 inches in length.

Cutting Sword

The cutting sword was made to cause damage. They were usually used by vikings.

Swords Training 

Skill was required to use a sword because, if mishandled, it could cause great and unintentional damage. Extreme training was required to wield a sword in the most efficient way. These training sessions took place in special areas called the Pell. The knights trained in thrusting, cutting, and slicing. A tool for training was the baton which did not create much harm to the opponent but served the purpose. It was similar to the structure of the sword but did not cause any danger to the people around the knight during the training sessions.

Knighthood and importance of a sword

A sword held a lot of significance for a knight. When a man was made into a knight, he received the right to use a sword. Even his quill ion was in the shape of a sword. The engraving on the sword included the knight’s name and words of prayer. The knight could decorate the word however they wanted, induing adding precious gems to it.

Different parts of a sword

A sword consisted of

  • Blade
  • The Crossquard or Quillion
  • The Edge
  • Forte, the strongest part of the blade closest to the hilt
  • The fuller was the centra shallow point o the blade
  • Grip
  • Hilt
  • Pommel was part of the hilt which acted as a counterweight to the blade
  • Tang was the unsharpened part of the blade covered by the hilt
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