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British Museum – Roman British Section

Below is a detailed article about the Roman British section in the British Museum. Room 49, 50, 69, 78 and 77 are the galleries where the Roman British artifact are preserved and a worth watching collection of items are displayed. Let us learn more about the same below.

Room 49 – Roman Britain in the British Museum


In this era, there took place a radical change in the beautification of England by the display of artifact such as wall paintings, glassware, and metalworks of decorations. The era indicated a richer and higher diverse society that showed the availability of mosaic wealth. The laws, architecture, and currency were highly influenced by that of the Roman empire which enabled a Romano British atmosphere among all the British eras.

The cavalry helmet worn by Roman soldiers in Britain
Roman Mosaic objects in the British Museum

Room 49 has a great display of all these items.

Room 69 – Greek and Roman Life

This room contains an array of artifacts that give a look of the daily life of the people in Roman Britain along with Greek influence that is separately shown. Objects on this floor show item such as to illustrate themes such as women, children, home furniture, farming, religion, war and more.

Roman coins from the Roman era in Britain

Room 70 – Roman Empire

This is called The Wolfson Gallery. Items in this gallery show the rise of the Roman empire from a small capital to an empire that controlled the Mediterranean and most of western Europe. The artifacts are from the time Constantine was the Roman emperor and an interesting exhibition shows the journey of the flow of Christianity among the Romans and how it became the official Roman religion.

The Portland Vase from the Roman Era in Britain found in the British Museum

The objects come from all across the Roman empire. They include sculptures of emperors and generals, vases, pottery, glassware and others.

Room 77 – Greek and Roman Architecture

Greek and Roman architectural collections are very prominent in the British Museum. Corinthian architecture is shown extremely well. It is certainly worth the visit.

Greek & Roman Architecture in the British Museum

The museum also houses many artifact from London in Roman times or Londonium.

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