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Defense of Roman Britain

Below is a detailed article about the Defense of Roman Britain, a video game that allows young children to learn and understand the Roman legions in Britain by means of an entertaining video game. Let us learn more below.

Defense of Roman Britain

The Defense of Roman Britain is a highly captivating strategy game. As a player, you get to be a Roman patrician. The plot of the game revolves around the Roman legions. In the game, it has been nearly 10 years that Britain has been occupied by the Romans. It was known as Britannia. All territories have been captured by the legions.

Players get to virtually participate in the whirlwind battles that the Romans fought against the Britannic tribes. As a player, you are to safeguard the Roman empire. The Roman Emperor’s life is in the player’s hand. It is on the player to prosper the Roman empire by collecting various treasures that come in the way.

Appearance – Defense of Roman Britain

The game can be easily played on iPad, iPhone, Android, Mac & PC. The game is more about strategic thinking rather than following directions. It can be downloaded from the internet and is freely available to all. It was developed by First Games Interactive and published by the same.

The game has a 6 /10 rating by ‘Steam’ and a 4.5 / 5 from the WildTangent Games. There are different levels in the game that get tougher and require more thinking as taken further. There is also a fight with the Barbarians along with the different Britannic tribes that are to be defeated one by one.

The game is built purely for entertainment and making young children interested in Roman Britain. Through the game, they can learn many aspects of the Roman Empire such as the emperors, the capital, the motives of the Romans, Roman conquest in Britain, the tribes in Britain, the Barbarians and also the Germanic Tribes.

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