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Horrible Histories – Roman Britain Movie

Below is an article about the movie ‘Horrible Histories’ that was based in Roman Britain. A lot about Roman Britain culture and traditions can be learned from the film. Let us discuss the details below.


The story is based on the book by author Terry Deary. It revolves around a young boy named Atti. The story is set in the time of the reign of Emperor Nero. As punishment for one of his mistakes that upset Nero, Atti is sent to cold Britain that was a Roman Empire. There the Celtic tribal people capture him. Their leader is Orla. Somehow, they come to an understanding and he is allowed to go.

The plot of Horrible Histories along with the characters portrayed.

However, when he is returned to his regiment Atti finds himself fighting against Orla and her entire tribe in the famous Battle of Watling Street.


Atti is played by Sebastian Croft. Emelia Jones plays Orla. Rest of the cast is as mentioned below.
Arghus – Nick Frost
Emperor Nero – Craig Roberts
Kate Nash – Boudicca (tribal leader of the Iceni tribe)
Rupert Grave – Governor Suetonius
Kim Catrall – Agrippina the Younger

The movie was shot in Bulgaria and in the United Kingdom.

Horrible Histories – Romans in Britain

The film is a pleasant illustration of the situations in Roman Britain. The costumes and dialogue give us a brief idea of what life may have been like in Roman Britain. Not only that, the surrounding features of the film allow the viewers to broaden their horizons about Roman Britain and the understand the conditions that people lived in.

The details of the surroundings of Rome are also well portrayed. The film is a means of entertainment using historic elements. These works of art help us understand the life and times people experienced in Roman Britain. The conditions of the Celtic tribes are also understood in the movie.

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