Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn
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Henry VIII Parents Information

Henry VIII Parents Information: While Henry is perhaps the most well-known of the Tudor kings, he was not the first. Henry VIII father was king before him.

Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn
Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn

Henry Tudor, who became King Henry VII following the death of Richard III on the battlefield, was his father.

Henry VIII Parents Information


King Henry VIII mother was Henry’s wife, Elizabeth of York. Together, Henry Tudor and Elizabeth of York had four children; two boys and two girls. Henry and Elizabeth made their eldest son Arthur the Prince of Wales and named him as successor to the English throne.

Henry himself was destined for a life of religious service, while his two sisters would be married off into other royal and noble courts.

Henry Tudor Son of Margaret Beaufort

King Henry VII was the son of Margaret Beaufort, a direct descendant of Edward III and Edmund Tudor. Sadly Edmund died before the birth of his son, who was then brought up by his uncle Jasper. Jasper Tudor and Margaret Beaufort were part of the House of Lancaster, one of the two most important, noble families in the country and one of the sides in the bitter civil war known as The War of the Roses.

Henry VIII Parents Information

This means that by having been born into that family, Henry Tudor was also of the House of Lancaster. He like many others took up arms against King Richard III following the disappearance of the two young princes, the sons of Edward IV that had been imprisoned there.

Who was Henry VIII’s Mother?

According to Henry VIII Parents, Henry VIII mother was Elizabeth of York. The daughter of Edward IV and Elizabeth Woodville, the two prices imprisoned in the tower were her younger brothers. Elizabeth’s family was of the House of York, they fought on the side of the King. It was during the Battle of Bosworth Field that King Richard III was defeated.

Queen Elizabeth
Queen Elizabeth

His death on the battlefield allowed Henry Tudor to take the crown and become Henry the King. In seeking out a suitable marriage for Henry, it was decided that marriage to Elizabeth would not only make his claim on the throne more secure, as she was the daughter of Edward IV. Their union would also bring about the end of the War of the Roses as the two houses would now be united.

Henry VIII Brother and Sisters

Henry’s elder brother Arthur, the Prince of Wales had received a great deal of schooling in the role of being heir to the throne so that he would be ready to assume his place upon the death of his father. Henry, who was never destined to take the throne was not. Sadly, Arthur died within months of being married, still in his teens.

Henry's Brother Arthur, Prince of Wales
Henry’s Brother Arthur, Prince of Wales

This made Henry the new heir to the throne. Henry’s life was suddenly turning out very differently than he had expected. Henry VIII sisters went to to make successful marriages. Elizabeth, the mother of Henry VIII died a few years before her husband the king. Henry VII passed away, in 1509 leaving the throne open to his youngest son.

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