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Christopher Columbus Top 25 Interesting Facts

Christopher Columbus Interesting Fact#1: Everybody thinks that Christopher Columbus discovered the New World, but in reality, the Vikings had actually discovered the New World first.

Christopher Columbus Interesting Fact#2: Christopher Columbus had died an extremely rich man.

Christopher Columbus Interesting Fact#3: Christopher Columbus had never seen or even step foot in North America.

Christopher Columbus Interesting Fact#4: The Nina, Pina, & Santa Maria were small ships.

Christopher Columbus was born in The Republic of Genoa, Italy and his given name was Cristoforo Colombo.

Christopher Columbus is believed to have been born between August 25 and October 31, 1451.

Christopher Columbus began a career as a seafarer at the age of fourteen and later supported himself by selling maps and charts.

Horses came to the New World on Christopher's second voyage.

Christopher was only fourteen when he went out to sea for his first time.

In Europe, Columbus introduced tobacco to the people there because the Indians used it in America. Columbus brought tobacco to Europe first.

He was a great captain, but a terrible governor.

Columbus made four voyages to the New World.

On the first and second voyages, no women were allowed to go on the ships.

Christopher Columbus believed that Asia would be 2,400 miles west. In fact, 10,000 nautical miles lay between Europe and Asia.

Christopher Columbus first went to King John of Portugal with his idea to find a westward sea passage to Asia but after months of waiting, the answer was no thank you.

There is controversy as to where he was born and if he was even Italian or not.

It wasn't easy to get the money or the ships, but it was even harder to find a crew. Many people still believed that the earth was flat and that at some point a ship would hit a waterfall and fall off of the side of the earth.

Queen Isabella's response to Columbus's idea was that his price was to high and that he wanted too many ships.

We don't know where he is buried. It could be Cuba, Spain, or even the Dominican Republic.

He Started The Columbian Exchange.

Columbus "discovered" (for the Europeans) many of the Caribbean Islands, South America and Central America.

hristopher Columbus's first voyage with the Nina, Pinta and the Santa Maria began on August 3, 1492. On October 12, 1492 a sailor on the Pinta shouted "Tierra!" or "Land!"

On the first journey, all the ships weren't any longer than the length of a tennis court and the width of about 30 feet.

The Santa Maria had 40 men on board, the Pinta had 26 men on board, and the Nina had 24 men on board.

He was a very religious man, and a dedicated slave trader.

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