Elizabethan Era Tombs

Art and architecture flourished during the Elizabethan times and the Elizabethan era tombs are a proof of the prosperity that prevailed during the times. These tombs and other forms of architecture that were constructed are strong and well maintained till date. In this article, we will get into a discussion of these.
The Sudeley Castle

This is a major tourist attraction constructed during the Elizabethan era. It was constructed thousands of years ago and had been reconstructed many times. This tomb has housed many different people. The stages of evolution of this Elizabethan era tomb are

Elizabethan Era Tombs

Rose Covered Estate Rooted In Castle’s Past

This is a huge and a beautiful castle and one of the most notable tombs of the Elizabethan era. A part is this castle is occupied by lord and lady Ashcombe. The origin of this castle dates back to the 10th century. This mansion was a wedding present by king Elthelred to his daughter.

In 1400, the owner of this mansion constructed a castle on this mansion. The remains of a war were used as construction material. However, the owner of this castle lost this castle Edward IV.

King Henry Viii, Queen Elizabeth And Tudor Step In

In and around 1535, this tomb was under the possession of Henry VIII and Ann Boleyn. He had many wives and all of them stayed there. Even his last wife, Katherine Parr lived there.

This Elizabethan era tomb was handed over to Thomas Seymour by king Henry VIII’s son. Later thee widowed queen married Thomas Seymour and stayed in the tomb until her death. She died while giving birth.

Elizabethan Era Tombs

The Queens Coffin Rests In The Chappel

Katherine, after her death was buried in the chapel. The chapter of her life was closed and she was forgotten. Her coffin was dug up by several local men months later. Some believe that there was an ivy bell inside the coffin. A crown was also found around the head of the dead queen. In the year 1816, the dead queen’s coffin was placed in a new tomb.

The Effects Of The English Civil War

This tomb of the Elizabethan era was plundered at the time of the English civil war. The valuables were stolen and whatever remained was butchered. This tomb of the Elizabethan era was again purchased by new people who renovated it. During World War II, this Elizabethan era tomb was a safe place to secure shelter from the merciless bombings.

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