Elizabethan Plays Stage and Theater interesting facts

An Elizabethan play is a type of English drama written and performed during 1558-1603, which was also the reign of Queen Elizabeth. This sub-classification of drama includes the work of William Shakespeare, Christopher Marlowe, Thomas Kyd, Thomas Dekker, and Francis Beaumont among many others.

elizabethan era play stage and theatre

These are some interesting facts about Elizabethan plays:

  • Elizabethan plays were considered a great success as it greatly contributed to the development of English drama. It gave birth to literary geniuses such as Shakespeare, Marlowe, Nash, Peele, and many more.
  • Most plays at that time were performed at large public theaters. These theaters were commonly made from timbers and bricks. They were typically polygonal in plan and were three stories high.

elizabethan era play stage and theatre

  • Elizabethan playwrights are known to combine different genres such as comedy, pastoral, and tragedy, which make the drama even more appealing to the audience.
  • Elizabethan plays are also referred to as early modern English theatre.
  • Elizabethan plays did not use lavish set designs and backgrounds. Instead, the plays focused more on the visual appeal of the costumes. The clothes worn by the actors were commonly grandiose and appealing. They were also bright in color as it attracts the attention of the audience.

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