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Queen Elizabeth I was a remarkable queen that England was fortunate to have. She was also known as Good Queen Bess, the Virgin Queen, Gloriana and the faerie Queen. Despite a number of setbacks and downfalls, she managed to, literally, reign supreme. She was a great influence on all aspects of Elizabethan England life. Arts, drama, fashion, politics, international affairs, all bore her indelible mark on them.

Here are some facts about Queen Elizabeth I that one may without a doubt find very fascinating. On Sept 7, 1533, Anne Boleyn gave birth to a girl, Princess Elizabeth. She was the daughter of King Henry the Eight. The birth took place at the Greenwich palace. The king, it was said was displeased with this fact as he had hoped for a male child to succeed him as his heir.

Queen Elizabeth I Facts

Tragic circumstances surround the early childhood of Queen Elizabeth I. Her mother, Anne Boleyn was executed when she was merely three years old. She was accused of incest and high treason. And her father, the king, declared her as illegitimate in order to marry Lady Jane Seymour. As a result, she was given up to a string of nurses, governesses and tutors.

Her education saw no deficiency or lack, she was perhaps more educated than any lady of her class. She lived with Katherine Parr, her step mother, for a time. She was crowned the Queen of England in 1558 and continued her rule for forty five years. It is rumoured that she undertook trips with no less than three hundred pelisses.

Facts About Queen Elizabeth

She was as fashionable as she was politically astute. Her gowns and fans became trend setters in Elizabethan England. The practices of making the skin appear pale and white was begun by Queen Elizabeth herself. Her style was dressing was opulent as well as extravagant.

Queen Elizabeth I is purported to have had a sweet tooth, owing to which her teeth suffered a lot. She had her half sister, Mary Queen of Scots imprisoned and eventually executed, albeit, reluctantly. Ironically, they both are buried in the same place, Westminster Abbey. She did not seek interview with her while they were alive.

Although, Queen Elizabeth I never married, she was never for the want of admirer, Robert Dudley, being among the most prominent ones. Hers is a notable contribution to England being a state to reckon with, after several successful explorations and the defeat of the so called indefatigable Spanish armada. Queen Elizabeth I passed away at the ripe age of 67 in 1603. A feat not achieved by any king or queen of her dynasty.

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