Queen Elizabeth I Biography: Birth,Achievements,Life and Death

Queen Elizabeth I was born on September 7, 1533, to the monarch King Henry the Eight and his second wife, Anne Boleyn. Her birth was not a celebrated one as the king coveted a son to carry on the name of the family. She was the final ruler from the Tudors and fifth in line. Her education was not lacking in any way and she was raised by nurses and governesses till she reached majority.

Queen Elizabeth I was often hailed as the Virgin queen, Gloriana and Good queen Bess. She popularised the virginal look as well as the practice. The crown did not come easily to her. After her mother, Anne Boleyn was beheaded on suspicion of incest and treason, she was declared as illegitimate and her half brother even wrote her out of his will.

Queen Elizabeth I Biography

Queen Elizabeth Age

Her other half sister, Mary had her incarcerated for a year. She was a Protestant supporter, a fact that garnered her ill favour from Queen Mary. Finally, in 1558, at the 25 years of age, she ascended the throne. Her coronation took place at the Westminster Abbey ad she was received with adulation and happiness by her subjects. Her leaning towards Protestantism was a huge favouring factor.


Queen Elizabeth I Biography

Her state of not being married was a piece for speculation far and wide, eve today historians ponder over the reason for her refusal to marry. It may have been because of the tragic death of her mother, or fear of child birth or the basic need to preserve power and control over one’s life, especially as her role as the monarch of England. Lord Roberts Dudley and Sir Francis of Ajou were purported to be two of her suitors whom she did not end up marrying.

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Queen Elizabeth I took full advantage of this aspect of her personal life by manipulating political decisions. The period in which she ruled was the pinnacle of renaissance. Art, drama, poetry and literature gained much importance and patronage. She was herself very fond of masques and theatre. The theatres bore wings during her reign and boasted of playwrights like William Shakespeare and Thomas Middleton.

Queen Elizabeth I Biography

Explorations were carried out in the high seas. Sir Francis Drake was her stalwart and his contribution in defeating the Spanish armada was no mean feat. Queen Elizabeth’s rule was known as the Elizabethan period and during her reign, England flourished politically, financially, internationally and also in the field of art.
Queen Elizabeth died in March 1603.

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