Elizabethan Era Politics and Government

How would you like to live under someone who told you what you were required to do and when you were supposed to do it? This is exactly how a monarchy works. The Elizabethan era was full of odd laws and things that stemmed primarily from Queen Elizabeth I’s ideals and customs.

For example, she was an extremely religious person and therefore, everyone else who lived in England was required by law to attend a church as well. There were several other similar laws that were put into place as well. This stems from the form of government that there is where everyone’s outlooks are not taken into account when creating law.

Elizabethan Era Political

The Elizabethan politics and general overview of the treatment of life was very brutal in comparison to today. In fact, if you were being charged with a severe crime, you may have to endure several types of torture. Many people were tortured to bring out other peoples names if they thought they had necessary details that they wanted.

For example, one woman, the only woman to receive this type of torture, was placed on a device called a rack. It would stretch you out where it would often break and dislocate joints. She was later killed. She was simply charged with going against the Church of England. A law that really would have no bearing in today’s court.

Elizabethan Era Economy

While the above sounds like a very bad time for England, it actually was not. In fact, it was a very prosperous time. While many of the laws and things stemmed down from previous monarchs, Queen Elizabeth I did a good job of continuing on with many of the countries trade policies. The ability to trade with other countries really did help the economy as a whole. The Elizabethan’s felt the impact and many people increased their wealth during this time period.

Also, it is without saying that Queen Elizabeth I was a good ruler. She had great intentions. I think when you see the way she ruled, you may not always agree with what she did. She still seemed to love the country and the people inside of it. She sometimes has a bad name for being a thrifty with the countries money. She also had some rough times at the end of her reign when the country got tied into the Anglo-Spanish war.

Elizabethan Politics and Government

Elizabethan Politics and Government

During Elizabethan times, the Queen held supreme power according to law, heredity and the doctrine of divine right; she was the primary source of patronage and had the last word on all state policy. Government was viewed as the monarch’s private business and its success therefore depended greatly upon the ruler’s strength of character and political acumen.

Elizabeth I was particularly successful because she valued the goodwill of her subjects above all; the abuse of royal prerogative under James and Charles I provoked much resentment and led to increasing limitations upon royal power.

The Elizabethan administrative structure was highly centralized, with most actions centered on the Privy Council, which in turn was directly appointed by the monarch.

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