Famous Pirate Poems

Here are some of Famous Pirate Poems

Famous Pirate Poems

1. Pirate Poem

There once was a pirate named Franklin
Who loved to chew on plankton
Until he got hit over the head
Then they shot him dead
That silly old pirate named Franklin
By Brandon

There once was a pirate named Izzy
And he was always busy
He fell off the ship
And broke his hip
That poor old pirate named Izzy
From Bradey

Pirate poem

2. Pirate Poem

One-Eyed Jake the Pirate

I’m One-Eyed Jake the Pirate.
I wear a black eye patch.
In all degrees on seven seas
There’s no man who’s my match.

You likely think I lost an eye
In battle fierce and wild.
The reason that I wear this patch
Is very much more mild.

It’s black as night beneath the deck
Upon this pirate ship.
At end of watch I climb below,
And fear I’ll fall or slip.

The single eye beneath this patch
Believes that day is night.
I wear no patch in gloomy hold,
And find I see all right.

I’m One-Eyed Jake the Pirate.
You think my patch looks cool,
But that’s not why I wear it, no,
It’s just that I’m no fool!

Pirate ship

3. Pirate Poem

There once was a pirate named Jill.
Who crashed her ship by a hill.
She fell out of a tree.
She grazed her knee.
That clumsy old pirate called Jill.
By Alex A

There once a pirate named Joe
Who sailed all the way to the snow
It was getting cold
All his jackets were sold
That dumb old pirate named Joe
by Chris P

4. Pirate Poem

Pirate Failure: A Poem

Get out your map cause X might mark the spots,
but maybe it marks where you already blindly dove,
Where broken dreams lie at the ocean bottom filled with rocks,
And happy endings can’t be found in an empty treasure trove.

I’ve begun to realize that Xs are there for a reason,
To cross out the wrong locations,
And to remind you of betrayal, heartache, and treason,
All that wasted time, energy, and anticipations.

And to think that the pain of loss used to overwhelm me,
Thought I’d never find that treasure, though I’ve still yet to start,
But every X lets me know I’m one notch closer to see,
The mist of the seas will clear, and I will finally find the treasure of my heart.

Pirate treasure

5. Pirate Poem

There once was a pirate named Jack,
Who liked to wear his big blak hat,
He looked overboard,
Then he was bald,
That stupid old pirate named Jack.
by Niall

There once was a pirate named Mack,
He lived in a very big shack,
He went on a ship,
And did a big flip,
That silly old pirate named Mack.
by Erin

There once was a pirate named Jack,
Who wore a tattoo on his back,
He absolutely loved to fight,
Believe it or not in the night,
That funny old pirate named Jack.
by Michelle

There once was a pirate named Plum
Who liked to suck his thumb
When he went to bed
The huge thumb went red
That silly old pirate named Plum
by Melanie

6. Pirate Poem


His name was really Edward Teach

But folks called him “Blackbeard”.

He captained “The Queen Anne’s Revenge”

And he was greatly feared.

To make himself look scary

He tied plaits in his hair,

So from a distance it looked like

Some snakes were living there.

Pirate Blackbeard
Pirate Blackbeard

7. Pirate Poem

Black Bart

Captain Bartholomew Roberts

(Also known as Black Bart)

Was very good at piracyHe’d made it a fine art.

He did not drink a lot of rum

Preferring to drink tea.

Perhaps the reason he did well

Was his sobriety.

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