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Pauls Playhouse Theatre

Elizabethan era played very significant role in enriching the literature, art and culture. During this period, young boys and girls were enticed to participate into cultural functions. For boosting up the young generation in playing dramas, Children's companies were set up.

These troupes did wonderful job by performing in different cultural events. In 1575, Sebastian Westcott decided to start Children's company in a private hall within the periphery of St. Paul's. This small in-house theater hall earned global reputation as the financially affluent persons offered backup to Sebastian for running this company successfully.

Pauls Playhouse Theatre

This well known playhouse was established for providing different sorts of entertainment programs like dramas to the aristocrats and noble persons who showed their eagerness to attend these cultural functions for getting amusement.

Queen Elizabeth I was very much interested to watch the entertainment programs which were presented by the young and talented members of the choirs. Paul's Playhouse Theatre was very popular among people as the actors liked to wear marvelous and glamorous costumes for playing the dramas.

Pauls Playhouse Theatre

These talented young artists were called Paul's Pigeons. Eventually, Paul's Playhouse was fully burnt to ashes in 1666. There are a number of salient features of Paul's Playhouse. As it was an indoor theatre, the respectable persons loved to attend the cultural events in this playhouse. They liked to flock to the playhouse for watching plays during summer or wintry vacation.

Pauls Playhouse Theatre

The small but wonderfully decorated playhouse encouraged guys to watch the plays. Though this private theater hall was meant for everyone, the higher cost for admitting to the playhouse restricted the entry of the common persons who were not able to pay maximum 26 pennies to see the plays at Paul's playhouse.

To be frank, the modern theaters are established and designed imitating this Paul's Playhouse. The architectural aesthete and the superb colorful inner design have enticed the modern architects to set up new sophisticated theater halls which will be tiny but fully equipped with the attractive furniture items and lighting accessories.

Elizabethan Playhouses

This playhouse was decorated with the colorful candles which brightened the indoor theater hall. However, if you probe extensively, you will see that the actors felt comfy to act in these playhouses as they were offered all sorts of facilities and comfort. The viewers and those who were present in this home based theater for watching cultural shows and programs were well taken care of.

Pauls Playhouse Theatre

During short intervals, the spectators purchased snacks and delicious dried fruits with soft drinks inside the indoor entertainment hall. The players put the main focus on the acting. The background setting was very good and charming. The actors wore the colorful costumes which were very attractive in design. To be brief, Paul's Playhouse gained success and recognition in the flowering stage of Renaissance during the Elizabethan era.

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