Queen Elizabeth I Family Tree

At the head of Elizabeth I family tree is Henry VII, her grandfather and Elizabeth of York her grandmother, and the parents of Henry VIII, Elizabeth’s Father. Also at this level are Sir Thomas Boleyn and Lady Elizabeth Howard, also grandparents to Elizabeth I and the parents to her Mother Anne Boleyn.

Queen Elizabeth I Tudor Family Origin

Henry VII, formerly Henry Tudor, Earl of Richmond was born in January 1457 in Pembroke Castle, Wales. He claimed the title of King of England in 1484 following the death of King Richard III at the Battle of Bosworth Field. He was crowned king in October 1485 within Westminster Abbey, where he married Elizabeth of York the following year. Together, Henry and Elizabeth had eight children, however many of them died while still very young.

Queen Elizabeth I Family Tree

Arthur, Prince of Wales was their first born child in 1486, and destined to take the throne as heir. Margaret Tudor was born in 1489, followed by Henry (Later to become Henry VIII) in 1491 and Mary Tudor was born in 1496. The other children that did not survive were Elizabeth, Edmund, Edward and Katherine. Arthur, Prince of Wales died in 1502, shortly after his marriage to Katherine of Aragon, making Henry the new heir.

Family of Elizabeth I

Elizabeth’s aunt Margaret Tudor became the Queen of Scots after marrying King James IV of Scotland and they had six children together, including the future James V of Scotland. Mary, her other aunt became the Queen of France after marrying King Louis XII of France. The king died within the same year that they were married and Mary then went on to marry Charles Brandon, the Duke of Suffolk. They had three children together.

Queen Elizabeth I Family Tree

Elizabeth’s father Henry was formerly the Duke of York before being crowned King of England in 1509. He married his brother’s widow, Katherine of Aragon in the same year. Together they had six children though only one, Mary survived. Henry divorced from Katherine in order to marry Anne Boleyn, Elizabeth’s mother in 1518.

Henry and Anne had three children though it was only Elizabeth that was to survive. Anne was executed on Henry’s orders, leaving him free to marry again to Jane Seymour who became the mother to Edward, Henry’s long awaited son. Jane died soon after the birth of Edward and Henry then went on to wed another three times, though there were no more children produced.

Queen Elizabeth I Family Tree

Who were Elizabeth I’s Siblings?

All three of Henry VIII children would go on to take the English throne, though not all of them were popular with the general population. Mary became known as ‘Bloody Mary’ through the ruthless way that she dealt with those of the protestant faith, as well as the number of people’s blood she had on her hands as a result.

Queen Elizabeth I Family Tree

Edward inherited the throne at only nine years of age and died of tuberculosis before he reached adulthood. Elizabeth was perhaps the most popular of the Tudor monarchs and had a glorious reign and was much beloved of her people. Unfortunately she never married and never had children so the Tudor dynasty ended with her.

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